Activities for kids!Part 6

Family activities are very important for the all-round development of kids. As a family, we can plan so many activities where every member is involved and the resulted experience is a fun time for every member of the family. Here are two activities which will definitely be fun and educational for kids as well as for everybody in the family-


As a family decides how many hours a day you will watch TV. Chart out a TV Schedule and read aloud with your child and share your opinion with your child that what you like in that show. Pick shows to watch and circle them. Go on a TV Diet for a week. If you are watching TV for hours a day cut back some hours initially and then with every week keep reducing more. Fill the extra time with outdoor activities, family fun. game time, exercise time and finishing house chores together.


In a family, every member is an individual. He is having his own choices, favourite activities, food, movie. Sometimes we can take out time for this activity where every member of the family will get a chance to share his favourite things. You can create a list of things which your child can ask other members of the family and later he can share his favourite things. This can be a fantastic activity to know more about each member of the family.

Have a happy family time!

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