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Career Counselling as a Profession for Women

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There’s nothing in this world that a woman can’t do,

There’s nothing in this world that a woman can’t achieve,

This is for all the women who work behind the scenes,

And it’s finally the time for them to shine and be seen

Most of the women are spreading their wings in different fields to break the stereotype of career choices; Career Counseling is one such profession which is helping women shape their career as well as that of their counterparts. There is a huge need for career counsellors in today’s world but there is only a handful of them. Like a Doctor’s profession, Career Counselling is high in demand and very well paid. A well-trained counsellor can start her own counselling practice or assist schools and colleges as a career counsellor.

Why the majority of Career counsellors are women?

There is a need for quality standards in the delivery of career counselling services. Women can achieve these standards because they are wired with an inbuilt aptitude.

How do milestones help to become a certified career counsellor?

Edumilestones have trained and enabled more than 1500+ career counsellors globally and most of than are women.

We have many examples of those who have opted career counselling as a profession and now they are highly successful in their career.

  1.   Gold medallist Mrs Tina Jhanb is a very popular career counsellor in Faridabad who had undergone formal training in career counselling.
  2.   IT professional Mrs Hemalatha Sriram has counselled hundreds of Professionals and Students to achieve their joyful career path.

Certified career analyst is a professional program offered by Edumilestones to enable passionate women to become a career counsellor.

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About author

Ms Fatema M has been associated with counselling, psychometric assessments, training for 9 years. Currently, she handles Strategic and International partnership with counsellors and education industry at Edumilestones.


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