Coronavirus Pandemic- Tips on how to use this time Positively

Stay safe everybody!!

Let’s all focus on whatever we can be mindful of to do and stop others from panicking and spreading rumours about Coronavirus. Make sure that Coronavirus news which you are following is not fake.

This phase will pass away soon. Let’s focus on the positive side how we can get benefit out of the present situation due to Covid-19.

Here is the list of various ways to use present time in your favour amidst Coronavirus Scare-

1) Opportunity to connect better way with the family!

2) Opportunity to self introspect and introspect about your work (how to improve)!

3) Opportunity to focus on enhancing self and family immunity!

4) Opportunity to get mindful of cleanliness around!

5) Opportunity to get mindful about what we are eating!

6)Opportunity! to upgrade your skills by joining online courses

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