Creating desirable behaviour in kids! (Part 6)

Creating desirable behaviour in kids is a dream of every parent!

As a parent, we can occupy a powerful role in shaping the tone, texture, mood, and quality of our family system. I came across this set of questions while reading a book, and I want to ask my blog readers to answer these questions as honestly as possible. You never know you will find the answer to find ways of creating desirable behaviour in kids while answering these questions only-

1.What kind of family manager have you been up till now?

2.Do you treat your family as a project and follow day to activities while managing it?

3. Are you able to create a family environment which will bring out best from your child?

4. Do you have the plan in your mind for what successful parenting is?

5. Have you created an environment that generates feelings of safety security, belongings, self-confidence, and strength for the child?

6. Is your family environment enough nurturing which can bring out authentic self of your child?

If we really want a healthy and nurturing family which can provide an atmosphere for successful and productive children we must commit our self to acquiring the insight and skills necessary to live the values, that we know in our heart are so important.


Charu Mehrotra

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