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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Dr Vijeta Sahey as the Guest Contributor at Womenlines. Vijeta has shared an informative article on how to search a real treasure within you. Once you are able to dig out that treasure you will have understanding of how to achieve your dreams-

In this hustling world we are so engrossed with the fast pace that we are missing out on many of the important things in life, be it be relations, love, friendships and the most important person is forgotten completely that is “our own self”.  Connecting with self is the only way to all success and dreams turn into reality. For a fulfilled life we have to make conscious efforts towards it. The below simple steps are just a simple reminder:

About Vijeta :

Dr Vijeta Sahay has 15 + years of experience in the field of Human Resources.  The thought of influencing the lives of people around embarked the “New Journey” of being an Inspirational Coach, and a Mentor. Vijeta is a certified Pranic Healer, LOA expert & NLP coach. 

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