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How To Use Sunlight As Medicine For Your Body- Subah Jain

How To Use Sunlight As Medicine For Your Body | Amazing Health Benefits of Sunlight

Womenlines takes pleasure to have Subah Jain as an Influencer for Food and Nutrition on Womenlines panel!

This dynamic young woman has already established herself as a sought-after wellness speaker and educator. Her YouTube channel, Satvic Movement. is quite popular and is delivering holistic, ageless and timeless knowledge of purifying the body and hence getting rid of all health problems without medicines. Subah wants to create awareness about how a plant-based diet can be helpful in getting rid of medicines and diseases!

Womenlines will be sharing various tips and recipes by Subah Jain to lead a healthy life. This month Subah is sharing about how to use Sunlight as a medicine-


Learn about the healing power of sunlight, to be your fittest, healthiest self. If you take sunlight in the right way, it can be a working hospital for your body and permanently cure diseases. In this video, we’ll discuss 2 ways to harness energy from the sun – sunbathing and sun gazing. We will learn why sunlight is important for us, how much sunlight do we need and various benefits of sunbathing and sun gazing. We will discuss all the sunlight vitamin D, how sunlight can reverse diabetes & how sunlight is good for the skin.


References – Sun exposure can reverse diabetes – Sunlight reduces high blood pressure –  Lack of sunlight causes depression – Sunlight does not cause cancer –  Sunscreen causes cancer –


Subah Jain

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(Content credit Satvic Movement Channel Youtube)


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