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The Ultimate tip to Beat Lethargy Through Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT)

It is a pleasure to share about  Suzanne Alfandari, Motivational Interviewing Trainer, an expert in EFT tapping training, and Licensed Therapist from California as a guest contributor at Womenlines Panel. This month Suzanne in the video above is sharing tips of doing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) when feeling lethargic or drained out-

EFT Tapping on feeling lethargic

  With so much consuming your energy, sometimes you might not feel like doing anything, even if you want to get something done. Usually, this makes sense, given all the challenges being faced at this time. Tap-along to release self-judgement, but please reach out for help if lethargy is ongoing.

Suzanne Alfandari

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