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Being Present is as Easy as 1,2,3

Being Present

Womenlines welcomes Anji Hallewell as an Influencer of Positive Mindset on the Womenlines panel. Anji is a Natural Strengths Coach, Trainer, and Founder of Hidden Lava.  In her sharing for this month, Anji is telling tips for living in the ‘Present Moment’-

When you are on public transport, what is everyone doing? Are they alert and aware of their surroundings or are they buried in their phones and minds? How much of your waking days do you spend thinking? Whether that be thinking about the future or what has already happened. How much of that thinking turns in to worry and frustration? How much of that causes stress and physical complaints? And how much is even necessary?  All of this is a product of the mind running away with itself and the opposite of being conscious, aware and connected to what is happening now. It’s time to take control.

I was in my 30’s when I started to feel that life had become very serious. Where was the fun and zest that I had experienced in my 20’s? I felt very torn because I wanted a successful career, but I didn’t want to be burnt out and miserable with it. Despite working in more -creative environments, I still felt overworked, stressed and drained all too often. It really was time to do something about this, because this was no fun or any good for me in mind, body or soul.