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Welcome New Year 2019 by Believing in Power of Choice!

Happy New Year 2019

Very Happy New Year 2019 to all Womenlines’ readers!

The new year is a golden opportunity for everyone to start fresh and get their goals listed. We are blessed to be in present times witnessing amazing technological advancements and new discoveries happening around, adding various comforts in our life. The other side is that our lifestyle is challenging us to maintain a healthy and active life. We can leverage advanced technology with certain choices which can help us lead a happy and healthy life with mindfulness and enhanced productivity in our work.

Womenlines team is listing down some power choices to follow this year which can do wonders for you….





Taking care of Environment


Please do add your suggestions in the add comments section which we can add to the list of power choices.

Womenlines team wishes a very Happy New Year to everybody!!

Charu Mehrotra,

Founder Womenlines,

Promoting Excellence in women!!




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