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Womenlines Founder’s Interview in Podcast -Unleash your Inner Goldilocks

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Womenlines Founder Shared her Insights on Building Online Presence for Success with Dr Kasthuri Henry in her Podcast ‘Unleash your Inner Goldilocks’

I was humbled to be invited as a guest in respected Dr Kasthuri’s Talkshow ‘Unleash your Inner Goldilocks: How to get it just right?’ sometime back, where I shared my insights about ‘Building Powerful Online Presence. Dr Kasthuri is CEO of KasHenry Inc. and founder of Ennobled For Success Institute, Author of a Bestseller, Professor at a graduate school, and a speaker too.

Charu Mehrotra

Dr. Kasthuri Henry is driven by the passion to develop viable public-private-nonprofit sector partnership through education, collaboration and engaging communication. Her life purpose is “Building to Last and Ennobling for Success“. She accomplishes this by being an

  • Effective Corporate Financial Strategy, Process and Analytics Partner for driving continuous improvement by applying 80/20 methodologies and Ethical Leadership Development
  • Value added Leader in the Public Sector through my engagement in Training, Development and Process Improvements in Governmental Organizations
  • Harvard University Certified Leader of Learning and Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Honor Society Certified Ethical Leadership educator involved in shaping the open-minded thinking, problem-solving and leadership development of public and private sector students in the university and professional organizational setting via post-secondary and CPE courses in Accounting, Finance, Data Analytics and Leadership.

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