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Myra’s presents Runway Mom/Lovers Season-4 by Dream Catchers



Lovely moments at Myra’s Presents Runway Mom/Lovers Season-4 by Dream Catchers pre-events


Runway Mom/Lovers-4 is arriving bigger and better than before, with their 4th season !

Dream Catchers, a Singapore-based online talent showcase platform run by Ms. Shalima Motial, is organizing Runway Mom/Lovers on 9th Sep, 5:00- 10:00 pm at The Pavilion at Far East Square.

An unforgettable gala, the event celebrates the women of Singapore and their families. Entrepreneurs showcase their products by sponsoring the event. This range includes home based entrepreneurs to big corporates like Manulife. The highlights of this event will be encapsulated in a 30-minute episode airing on the Colors TV channel as a souvenir.

 For The Woman of Substance  

 A woman is a “many-splendored” being. Wearing many hats befitting her multiple roles, she will get a platform to shine brighter than ever.

Runway Mom/Lovers-4 is a non-competitive event which embraces women from all walks of life, age, size and nationality notwithstanding.

Multiple Events

Engaging workshops at Myra’s Presents Runway Mom/Lovers Season-4 by Dream Catchers pre-events

 8 pre-events leading up to the main. Among them are-

  • Meet and Greet
  • A Professional Photoshoot at Gardens By The Bay
  • ‘Chalktalk At Rampwalk’ with a psychologist speaking about “building the emotional muscle”
  • A Session Conducted By A Life Coach
  • Tips From A Stylist
  • Healthy Living By A Dietician
  • A Makeup Workshop

Coverage By Bloggers & Media Companies

 This Season, a website promoting excellence for kids and women, is covering the event. The event presents a networking opportunity for all the sponsors and an opportunity for the models to create memories of a lifetime.

The Icing On The Cake

Runway Mom/Lovers-4 has a tie up with 2 companies from India especially for this Season and 15 mo(m)dels are flying in from India to be a part of the platform.

 The Main Event

 Runway Mom/Lovers-4 will kick-off with a dance performance by Aiyaz’s Dance Academy.

Following the ramp walk will be Runway open mic. Dream Catchers being an online talent showcase company that believes in providing a platform for performing artists has fulfilled its mission once again through Runway Open mic.

With Myra’s food stalls rimming the hall, this event promises to be an evening of entertainment and enjoyment for those participating and attending.

 Myra’s are the presenting sponsors, a famous eating joint which offers the best of Mexican cuisine as well as various North Indian specialties.

Book your tickets at enjoy the fun as the audience.

For other details visit











2 You Tube Videos to teach you sales skills!

Entrepreneurs always look out for learning out ways to increase sales process in their business. I have come across these 2 videos which I think can be really helpful to fellow entrepreneurs-

  1. 2.


    I will request entrepreneurs to share their favorite sales related videos which they think can help people improve their skills. Thanks in advance:0!

Movie Dangal- A mindset revolutionising movie!!












Mr perfectionist Aamir Khan, you are a perfectionist in real terms!

Movie Dangal is another feather in your cap of blockbuster movies which stands out in a crowd of certain substandard movies in present times. Time is changing very fast and so is the mindset of the youth section of our society. Somehow because of crazy social media trends, girls nowadays are getting more focused on just the way they look and what they wear. This movie has alerted Gals of today about developing a killing aspiration to achieve something in life and putting hard work and passion behind achieving that dream.

Girls are working, they are financially independent but somehow, suddenly everybody wants to achieve only slim figure and wear short dresses which they love to imitate from movie stars of today. But hang on gals!!!You just cannot spend the whole young age of your life worrying about your figure and looks. This is the time when you should be having your list of goals to achieve in life. You should be developing your other skills which can help you to move ahead. Eating healthy and exercising as per requirement of your body will definitely help to lead a healthy life and having a slim body. If a girl from the village can get a gold in Olympics then why not city girls?

Life is beautiful and time is precious. Be mindful how and where you are using your time. Get a dose of inspiration by watching movie Dangal and work towards making your life more meaningful

6 reasons I feel proud to be an Indian!

It is Indian Independence  day today  and I want to pay my gratitude for my beloved country!indian

It is such a proud feeling to be an Indian that cannot be expressed in words. I list out 6 reasons why I feel so proud to be an Indian-

1. Indian upbringing has helped me to lead a balanced life in a foreign country as I am very well aware how to set my priorities.Amidst the mad rat race in foreign country, setting these priorities has helped me  to focus on family and career both with a balance.

2. Indian culture has taught me to celebrate  festivals and various other days of year with full zest and life which has really made life colourful and full of memorable moments. I feel blessed  to pass the culture to my kids, who love to celebrate all occasions with fun.

3. As an Indian I have been taught to give importance to relationships and celebrate special bonds with pleasure and love. Such special bonds really become pillars of life when we require help in needy times and also in celebration time. Our family comes first to us and thus we plan other things around them.

4. Indian history is full of stories about great kings and leaders who have given their life for sake of our country.Knowledge about such glorious past really helps youth of today to imbibe values followed by them. Life history of such great personalities have really taught me to adopt their will power and determination to reach to my goals.

5. India being a large country with so many states, consists of people following different religions and culture. I have always been taught about how to respect other race or religion and live together giving equal to respect to each other value in society!

6. Indian upbringing has helped me to nurture my mind with spirituality.The interest to imbibe spiritual values and follow path of honesty, has really helped me to keep my pace in life balanced and in touch with real person inside me.

May God bless India with abundance of success, peace and prosperity. Happy Independence day!

Singapore Birthday Spirit 2016!

Singapore 51st National Day celebration was impressive, creative, and incredible!


Watching Singapore national day celebration on television has always been a pleasure, which leaves a strong message in your mind . This year theme, “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow”, was a  wonderful theme as it conveys strong message for our present generation to dream for a bright future. There is a call of action for all people residing  in Singapore to   build their future collectively. Venue New Stadium was looking so beautiful with all decoration.There was a  beautiful display of  Indoor Fireworks and 3D Projection Displays too. Unmanned Technologies such as Drones and Dynamic Aerial Performances reflected strength of Singapore’s capability in field of latest technology.

I am still mesmerised watching such a creative and beautiful celebration done with such vigour by all participants with true Singapore spirit. Singapore has set an example of a hard working nation  which gives amazing opportunity to its residents to build up their bright future. My all prayers to God to maintain the racial harmony of the country as it has been maintained till now!

Happy Birthday Singapore!


Women’s Day Special: 10 Health Tips That Every Woman Should Follow

Here is an article sharing health tips for today’s women. These tips are great reminders to all women who forget to care for themselves in everyday routine –



March 8 is celebrated as Women’s Day around the globe. It is the day which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is the day that calls for action for promoting gender parity. It is also a day to celebrate the womanhood.


Here are ten health tips every woman should follow so as to mark this Women’s Day a new beginning for a healthy lifestyle…

Drink Plenty Of Water

Ensure that you intake plenty of water so as to ensure that your metabolism is perfect. Also, it will help in making your skin glow, removes impurities inside your body, keeping it clean and supple.

Include Vegetables & Fruits In Your Daily Diet

Make sure that you include at least a vegetable and fruit in your daily diet. It helps in building your immune system. Eat healthily and it will make your body and mind healthy and will make you stay protected from falling sick as well, keeping you strong. Buy organic vegetables and fruits online from BazaarCart. Online grocery shopping helps you to save money and you get good and quality products.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Once you have crossed your 40’s it is always better and safe to get a monthly check up. Visit your doctor every month just to ensure that your body is fit and beautiful. If your family has any hereditary diseases, make sure that you do frequent check-ups on the same disease so that you remain safe.

You can depend on health supplements for immunity and other ailments. Buy them cheap from Healthkart online shopping. Relevant Healthkart coupon code can get you products at discounts.

Get A Hobby

Create a hobby for you if you do not have one. A lot of hobbies are there that can ignite your senses. Reading, gardening, pets, music – find some time for any of your favorite hobby, and you will see how it can help you relax and make yourself engaged.

Stop Drinking/Smoking

These habits might relieve you from various tensions and disturbances. But, it is not good to follow them as these might affect your health adversely in later stages. So, avoid them altogether.

Do Regular Exercise

Many of us try to start a healthy living by deciding on doing regular exercise which none of us follow with time. As a result, we get a lot of side effects. So, keep a note in following strict rules when it comes to doing exercises. It helps to get rid of many diseases, making your body resistant.

Love Your Body

It is most important that you love your body. If you do not love your body, then you will never try to maintain it fit and healthy. Think that it is the best gift you have got and take care of it in the best way, and you will see how it will make you look beautiful.

Manage Your Weight

Women are likely to put on weight soon after they become a mother and later on due to different stages of life and as they age weight increases. So, it is important that you manage your weight. Check it every month or once every three months to keep an eye on your weight.

If you are pregnant, then you should not restrict on your weight. Wear loose and comfortable maternity clothes. FirstCry is a great store to buy products for your newborn and also for your maternity products. Shop via FirstCry App to get extra discounts on your shopping.

Sleep Well

Last but not the least, make sure that you sleep well. Ensure that your body gets the required amount of rest as well as sleep. If you are not able to sleep properly, then consult a doctor to find the reason.

If you follow these simple steps, you are very much likely to stay healthy and beautiful for years. So ladies out there, gear up this Women’s Day to follow these steps to stay nice!


Dance your heart out with Sonia Khatwani

Passionate, enthusiastic, and crazy for dance, Sonia Khatwani is one such girl whom I met in her dance workshop and was struck by her sheer passion for  Zumba and Bollywoodsonia 2

dance. Sonia is a talented and certified Zumba Fitness Instructor and Bollywood dance choreographer in Singapore. What makes her different is her contagious energy while training people and continuous efforts to reach out to as many people and make Zumba dance as popular dance for fitness. She has not only reached out to housewives, school students, college groups, conducted corporate workshops, but also choreographed performances for weddings, festivals, community center programs, hospital staff, associations, colleges, clubs, various events in Singapore and her clients belong to all races. Sonia is also a Dance Choreographer & Fitness Instructor with Bollydancing Studio Singapore. This video speaks a lot about her passion for dance –

Women lines is proud to share her entrepreneurial dance journey in her own words-

1.Please share to the readers something about yourself?

My name is Sonia Khatwani. I was born in Mumbai and brought up in Singapore. I love spreading joy & seeing everyone happy. I love Dance. I feel I am born to dance and express myself through dance. It has been a passion since I was 7 years old. I owe heartfelt thanks to my Mom who has been a big support in my journey to pursue my passion.

I am a crazy fan of Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor. I  love her acting skills, confidence & she has been an amazing inspiration to me. One of our common goals was losing weight and if you have watched her journey it says it all.

2.So when did you ventured into this venture and what inspired or motivated you to take a plunge into this venture? 

Dancing has always been my passion but didn’t see it coming along as a career. I started working since 18 years old in various fields but just wasn’t satisfied with any of the jobs. An opportunity knocked my door in 2008 to be trained at the Bollywood Dance Academy by well known A list Celebrity Choreographer Toby Fernandez from ‘ Jhalak Dikhlaja’s Fame.’ I have also performed for many regional celebrated projects such as Relive Pancham 2008, at the Esplanade Theater, Bollywood Cutting Edge at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, & most notably alongside Bollywood’s Biggest star Mr. Shah Rukh Khan at the Zee Carnival 2008 at Suntec City Singapore. My confidence boosted when I was asked to conduct classes. Life is definitely not a piece of cake. There were many hurdles in my way but I never gave up teaching. I Started part time classes from 2008-2011 at Bollydancing Studio & also continued working until one fine day in 2011 I told myself if I don’t follow my heart I will never achieve my dreams. Finally I left my job & the journey started to explore my passion dance!
3.Can you share with us some of the challenges you faced during your initial days?

Believing in yourself is the biggest challenge ever. When I started off Dancing as a career, the first few questions asked was, if I am in the right field? Will I be able to pull it off as an Instructor?When you say you are a Dance Instructor the reaction you get especially from your friends & acquaintances. Their questions are what will people think?
Challenges I faced when started teaching initially was to fulfill client’s expectations .The most important part for my career was to develop the trust with all the companies I work with & also my clients so that we maintain a healthy relationship. I remember travelling around for 5 classes a day in Singapore & reaching on time was a biggest obstacle for me. Preparing the right dance music n choreography for steps was equally important & ensuring my wardrobe was well planned too. Initially I could not differentiate the difference of being professional compared to being a casual friend. But over the years I learnt how to, as life is a learning experience 🙂
4.So how do you balance your personal and professional life?
To have a Balance Lifestyle I ensure I prioritize what I must do with what I enjoy doing. It is very important to Balance my lifestyle as this way I can reduce stress and manage a well-balanced life. There can be physical or emotional health consequences if I don’t set my priorities right. So my focus is always on-

1.Taking care of myself by Loving Myself
2.Making Sure I Am Aware Of My Priorities
3. Creating a focused mindset is very essential for me
4. Expect the unexpected
5.Maintain a positive mental attitude
5.What would you suggest to other aspiring women who want to venture out on their own?

To all the aspiring women out there-
following your dreams is a must as it gives you self-confidence, inner peace and also a chance to motivate others to follow their dreams. Remember be positive always, no matter what happens. Life is a gamble there might be up’s n downs but never give up that hope. Always follow your heart & never give up. Yes in the beginning you will need to swim on your own, Not many will support your ideas. You will never get direct answers to your questions when you seek help. You need to experiment yourself & then learn from your mistakes. It is not easy but with love & support of family & friends in matter of time everything goes well. Enjoy the ride in life just like a roller coaster

6.Is there any person who has mentored/supported/inspired you?

The person who has always mentored & supported me is my Mom. It is because of her I started developing love for Dance. My mum’s side of family especially her youngest brother and sister has given me lots of support and motivation to focus on my passion. Last but not least I would want to thank Mihir Wani, co-founder of Bollydazz/Bollydancing Studio… Who has always inspired me during my ups and downs. Who always had  trust in me and guided me throughout these 5 years. I love all of you for being there for me.

7.What do you have in the pipeline for your venture’s  future development?

Dynamic Dreamz wants to inspire as many adults & children to keep fit & live a Healthy Lifestyle by Dancing out their calories for now. I have not thought about future development as yet. Prefer not to plan and go with the flow of opportunities. Let’s see what comes along let it be a surprise.

Some achievements by Sonia Khatwani:

  • Participated in the “Rupee Room Bollywood Dance Academy” organized by Zee TV Asia Pacific.
    Performed at ” Relive Pancham 2008″ at Esplanade, Singapore with Toby Fernandez.
    Performed at ” Bollywood Cutting Edge ” in Singapore with Toby Fernandez.
    Participated in the “Zee Carnival 2008” alongside Mr. Shahrukh Khan at Suntec City, Singapore.
    Won the “Best Dancer “award in a dance competition organized by Sindhi Association Malaysia for the So you think you can dance” championship
    Trained young and aspiring children at the prestigious ” International Kids Festival 2008″ at Esplanade Singapore.

Visit her FB page to know about her updates-

Women lines wishes Sonia all the best for her dance journey. Keep rocking Sonia!

5 Animals Your Kids Can Create with LEGO Bricks

Womenlines proudly welcomes Carlo Pandian as guest writer for womenlines. Carlo will take your kids in amazing world of Lego bricks and boost their creativity through guided tutorials-

Animals come in all shapes and sizes.  This means you can either spend a lot of money trying to find rare animals for your kids or you can let them build them with some simple to find pieces. lego


This gives your kids the advantage of being able to get more out of the pieces they have in their collection.  It also means they have the ability to make modifications to these creations which gives them more flexibility in what they want.  The following are some simple designs you and your kids can watch to start building your own menagerie




There’s nothing quite like having the king of the jungle in a display.  It sits at the top of the food chain and makes an obvious centerpiece.  This design comes from David Howard, the Master Model Builder from LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester.  He covers the pieces you need along with instructions on how to build this ferocious beast.


Simple Animals


If you are going to have a king, you may want some subjects.  Therefore Lunazd1 provides you with a wild assortment of animals.  Each is built using some very basic bricks and colors.  Each is rendered in a program so that the designs are crisp and easy to see.  If you have trouble with any part of the design simply pause the video and watch the model come together frame by frame.  Each animal’s design is set up like standard LEGO instructions, so it shouldn’t be a foreign experience for your child.


Zoo Animals


Continuing this parade of animals is Thesmiler37.  They have categorized their animals into those found in a zoo.  These creations also follow the use of simple elements.  This makes it possible to make with some of the most basic brick buckets.  Each part is highly recognizable to any child that is familiar with their LEGO bricks.  This is important since many of their loose pieces are typically these standard elements.




It is time to slow things down.  Fun Toy Den brings you their brick built turtle.  Not only is this a fabulous display piece on its own, but it scales extremely well with minifigures.  There are enormous turtles in real life and even bigger ones found in children’s story books.  Whatever your child wants, this turtle will fit right in.




There is one creature that often needs a herd to look right.  Large farms don’t survive on a single cow.  The problem is, if you’re going to populate a farm, you need a simple design that looks good.  Brickitect gives you this on both fronts.  He tells you how to make a nice cow as well as what set he used to make it from.  From here just cut, copy, and repeat.  In no time you’ll need to build a bigger farm.


Carlo Pandian is an adult fan of LEGO and freelance writer, and has previously published on The Brick Blogger, Bricks of The Death, and The Rock Father. He loves babysitting his nephew and getting him to build LEGO creations!



LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester Lion by David Howard


How to build simple LEGO animals  by Lunazd1


How to make LEGO zoo animals  by The smiler37


How to build a LEGO turtle  by Fun Toy Den


LEGO Cow (How to Build)  by brickitect


Manjunath-A soul stirring movie

Manjunath is extremely sincere, soul stirring and very real life story about how IIM graduate Manjunath was murdered for sealing a corrupt petrol station in Lakhimpur Kheri, UP.Hats off to Manjunath’s courage to fight with corruption.   

Movie  describes about the pain and anguish of Manjunath who wanted to do his job sincerely despite facing all odds. He was honest, hardworking, sincere and passionate about his job. Negative elements of the society tried their best to scare him of his death beforehand but ultimately were not able to digest his honesty and killed him brutally. Most impressive part of Manjunath story are the steps taken by IIM graduate Ms Anjali , who was so stirred after going through stories in tv channels and newspapers that she decided to set up a trust to help parents of Manjunath to fight legal case.

After   Manjunath’s  murder,  two  IIM  graduates  –  Anjali  Mulatti  and Jaishankar – set up “The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust”, to secure justice for Manjunath  by  getting  his  killers punished.Anjali Mullatti (an IIML alumnus, ten years senior to Manjunath) is just another intelligent professional doing her work  who had that courage to take this big step of setting the trust.It is big deal for any professional for  taking the trouble of travelling from Mysore to Lakhimpur Kheri every month to attend the sessions court proceedings.She never met Manju also. Here comes Anjali’s stirred soul who forced her to take this step and help Manjunath’s parents getting justice!

Anjali Mulatti (IIML class of ‘93) and her husband H. Jaishankar (IIMB class of ‘92) are the real life heroes, who played a crucial part in ensuring justice was done in the case. This feisty couple is based in Mysore, where they run a financial-education firm. Their need for justice was so strong that they took up the case, when no one was willing to fight the corrupt system. Their die-hard determination not only earned Anjali and Jaishanker respect, but the case soon turned into a national movement. Justice eventually prevailed.

As per quote from Anjali-taken from website the fight was far from easy. “Frankly, Jai and I didn’t know the difference between an FIR and a charge sheet before taking-up Manju’s case. And because we fought for an honest cause, we got tremendous support from the police and lawyers, who don’t exactly enjoy the best of reputations in our society. So, unless we experience and understand the reality nothing changes. If you believe in a cause, fight for it, you don’t have to fast unto death, just follow your convictions,”

Hats off to  Sandeep Verma, FMS ’93 and CEO of Icomo Advertising, scripted, who  raised funds and directed & produced Manjunath.

Women Lines  congratulates and wishes good luck to Ms Anjali and Mr Sandeep for their respective roles in bringing story of Manjunath to whole world!

In Pursuit Of Happiness!

Movies are great way to relax. Some movies help you to feel better, some helps you to laugh a bit and few are there which leave such an impact in your mind which cannot be forgotten. “In Pursuit of Happyness’is such a movie. I recently got a chance to watch this movie and was really moved by the storyline and found it must to share with my readers.

The Pursuit of Happyness is a film based on real life story of Chris Gardner who is a famous entrpreneur, investor, stockbroker, motivational speaker, author and philonthropist.In early 1980s he struggled with homelessness while raising his toddler son Christopher.  Gardner’s book of memoirs2006  is the base for the movie’ In pursuit of Happyness”. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the film features Will Smith as Gardner, an on-and-off-homeless salesman-turned stockbroker. Smith’s son Jaden Smith co-stars, making his film debut as Gardner’s son Christopher Jr.

The unusual spelling of the film’s title comes from a sign Gardner saw when he was homeless. In the film, “happiness” is misspelled  as “happyness” outside the daycare facility Gardner’s son attends. The rousing, true-life story of a single dad who went from living on the streets to owning his own brokerage firm is brought to the big screen by superstar  Set in early-’80s San Francisco, the film charts the hard times and eventual comeback of Chris Gardner, a suddenly single salesman who has custody of his son, but finds that providing for the two of them is a challenge in the increasingly unstable economic climate. He struggles to work his way from unpaid intern at Dean Witter to something more substantial, even as life continues to offer him setbacks.

Film portrays a beautiful message that whatever are the conditions in your life, how much  low you are feeling, it is only your determination to succeed going to help you in raising your standards. So never stop dreaming. If you have a dream just go for it.