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Design Your Career Like An Entrepreneur

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Matuli Madhusmita Swain, an author, speaker, life coach from India, as a guest contributor at Womenlines. Matuli has shared her insightful thoughts which can help you to design your career like an entrepreneur via strategizing the marketing initiatives that help you to scale up your business goals and find the individual media voice too.

A career is like an evolving love story, one that comes with its own set of learning, growth, loss, lessons, and success. However, looking at the report from ILO (International Labour Organization) outlook, women have it much tougher to find and retain gainful employment and thrive as leaders. As the ILO website states, the current global labour force participation rate for women is close to 49%. For men, it’s 75%. That’s a difference of 26 percentage points, with some regions facing a gap of more than 50 percentage points. ( https://www.ilo.org/infostories/en-GB/Stories/Employment/barriers-women#global-gap)

While the debate continues as to how the world can become more equitable towards women; for those who are in the workforce, having an entrepreneurial bent of mind can be a great way to manage and maintain sustained career growth. Here are a few pointers to get you started-

SWOT yourself out:

An entrepreneur knows her SWOT to the last detail. SWOT analysis is more than jotting down one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is a blueprint for career growth and career management. If you are an entrepreneur or a salaried employee, make sure to sit with yourself and make an honest assessment of your skills, talents, and temperament. The more self-aware you are; the better decisions you can take to ensure your success is organic, strength-based, and not a need-based response to the external environment. It pays to remember that while others may rejoice in your success, only you have to do the work to ensure it. A self SWOT will help you stay on course.

Design Your Potential:

Entrepreneurship thrives on taking proactive, strategic design steps to chalk out future opportunities. Women professionals thrive on being diligent task-masters though designing our potential isn’t always taught to us. Designing your potential means evaluating your career choices pro-actively in advance and then spacing out, aligning one’s potential to it. This helps to stay focused and know which opportunities truly offer growth and stability, for sustained career progress.

Quantify Your Impact:

Results speak for themselves. The best way to boost self-confidence, develop mental fortitude and validate your achievements is to be able to quantify your results. Numbers can be scary but they are equally nurturing as well. If you can quantify your achievement in terms of revenue generated, time saved, eye-balls grabbed, money saved, or earned – it will help you forward yourself for newer and better opportunities. Next time you take up a project, ask yourself how your skills and attitude can be quantified into a result.

Advertise Yourself:

The world is waiting for you to show up. Advertise yourself, unabashedly. Social media has opened up a world of collaboration. It does seem really scary at first, but with small steps, you can lean into your own power. All businesses, big or small advertise to their potential clients and collaborators. The idea is to make it easier for your tribe to find you and connect with you. Explore and expand your career dimensions by sharing your insights and achievements. It is worth it.

Invest in Yourself:

Business development is an integral part of entrepreneurship. Likewise, think like one when you design your career. Invest in yourself. Upskill or even train yourself to pick up random courses, which help you break the monotony of work. The brain is a fantastic tool, which craves safety but thrives on challenges. Find your balance point and never shy away from making yourself your best bet. Because you are.

AUTHOR BIO: Matuli Madhusmita Swain is an actress, author, speaker, life coach, marketing and communications expert with over 14 years of professional experience working with leading hospitality brands, advertising companies, and social development sector in India. Today, she creates content, is game for her big-screen debut, and helps business owners create simple and strategic marketing initiatives that help them scale up their business goals and find their individual media voice. Mature loves good content and champions conversations on marketing, movies, women leadership, new-age workplace practices, economics, entrepreneurship, sustainable travel, and tourism.

Connect with her on LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/in/matuli-madhusmita-swain-5400487

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