Traits for Entrepreneurial success for womenfolk!(Part 2)

It takes a lot of persistence to get you from a great idea to a profit-making venture!

Entrepreneurs are following  some special elements  of success which makes them what they are.There are skills to do business. Going across some books I came across these elements of success which are followed by successful entrepreneurs-


This is crucial for planning, implementing, and conducting a new business. It helps organize and direct the important steps for your venture and can mean the difference between success and failure.There are different workshops  by various women groups, which can provide free help in writing a business plan.


Select the goals you want to concentrate on and the direction you will take to achieve those goals. Determine daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals, for your business. and then make a to do list of steps that you will take to accomplish each goal.


If you want to start your business, expert say that you must have 6 months to 2 years savings with you as a back up.This is just to cover living expenses. Money for business is to be arranged after estimating how much will be your start up cost. Loans from banks, friends, savings etc can be good options while making financial arrangement for business. Then to keep your business going you have to have a cash reserve for all your purchases, bills and other expenses. Keeping good records and consulting with financial ad visors will all help you to stay in business.


Using your records and advice of your accountant or financial advisor watch for the point when your business begins to make profit. Depending upon how much money you have borrowed it may take  about 2 years. It depends upon the type of business, like  a service business such as public relation and counselling, will generally require less start up money than opening a small shop with inventory or another product related business.


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