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Creating desirable behaviour in kids! (Part 4)

Recognizing children’s assets is another way which can help us in moulding our kid’s behaviour positively!

When we think of assets, we usually think about money in the bank or property, and natural resources like oil or gold. But every human being also has personal assets like the gift of heart, mind, and that’s his true wealth. The more a person understands what these are and develops them, the richer his or her life will be. I came across this thought in one parenting book -“Every child is unique in himself. There may be particular talents, strengths, and conditions that are natural to follow when he or she learns. Being ineffective and going against a child’s grain is what squanders human resources. A willingness to wonder and be curious about a child about how to use his or her assets to overcome challenges increases effectiveness.”

There are different patterns which can help in determining those assets in our kids. Observe these features-

1.What are our child’s accomplishments?

2.What helps our child to concentrate, make decisions, and imagine new possibilities?

3. We have to give a thought to innate ways of thinking that our child excels at and is energized by.

It is emphasized in some parenting books that “Children whose assets have been recognized and supported are strong learners who trust their own abilities, they know and can explain how they learn and recognize what they need in any given situation. They can maximize both internal and external resources to satisfy those needs. They have ready access to their inventiveness, courage, intuition, and concentration. They know how to solve a problem creatively, to care for themselves, to think well with others, to motivate themselves, and to evaluate their own performance. They know they matter, they know they are important, they know they can make difference to the world”.

How much important is to recognize our child’s assets!

As a parent, we have to shift our attention to child’s capabilities. Instead of worrying that our kid is not up to some performance like other kids, or giving generalized comments to our child with a thought of motivating him we have to change our thinking pattern. We should notice what is true of our child’s capabilities, what he or she has accomplished, learned and achieved.  This recognition nourishes a child’s inherent sense of self-worth, the understanding that he or she possesses certain gifts, and it is her responsibility to share with rest of the world. (continued)

Charu Mehrotra

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