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Music as superfood for mind for whole family

As Plato mentioned “Music gives a soul to the universe, 
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and life to everything.”
Music adds life to everyday life!

Music at the time of pregnancy listened by expecting mothers can lead to positive affect for both mother and baby. Researchers have proved that students can be smarter in their reasoning power if they are listening to classical music like Bach, Mozart and other types. Further researches also proved that-

“Music seems to prime our brains for certain kinds of thinking. After listening to classical music, adults can do certain spatial tasks more quickly, such as putting together a jigsaw puzzle.Why does this happen? The classical music pathways in our brain are similar to the pathways we use for spatial reasoning. When we listen to classical music, the spatial pathways are “turned on” and ready to be used.” This was mentioned in The Telegraph in Mar 2015 edition.

Nowadays Music based on alpha waves is in trend.

Alpha waves vibrate at a much more manageable 8 to 13 Hz. They are generally associated with relaxation and contemplation, but depending on which frequency recording you listen to, Alpha waves can be superb for focusing on work, studying and being creative and artistic.

So my dear Gals let’s get set to use all types of music for benefit of our family:)

  1. Religious music in morning for relaxation
  2. Work out music to pump energy
  3. Classical or Alpha music during study time
  4. Movie music eve time to entertain the whole family

“Every Night in my dreams…..” oops I already started humming;)…what are you going to listen to friends? Do share!!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting excellence in women!

Mindful Motherhood!

It’s my love and full attention I want to give to my baby!

This was the first thought which came into my mind when I  delivered my baby. I never knew that journey will be so challenging. Mindful motherhood talks about being present to needs of your baby and giving full attention to him. Its all about being present for your baby needs and attending to his requirements with the presence of mind. It’s very practical for my mother as she thinks to be a mother this should be my natural behavior. But honestly, it’s not. It’s really challenging to put my all thoughts and attention for my baby as in today’s fast-moving world there are so many inputs and outputs to attend.

Thanks to authors who write parenting books which really guides us about facts of parenting which we can only realize once we read it. “Mindful Motherhood’ is one book which really opened my eyes regarding mindful parenting. Casdsandra Vietan, the author of the book, guides you about practical tools for staying sane during pregnancy and your child’s first year.Casandra emphasizes that “Mindfulness can help you meet the challenge and approach every experience with your new baby with open eyes and an open heart”.

Chapters like ‘The observing self’ and ‘The train of thought’ are amazingly described where you get a new vision about yourself and handful tips provided at the end of the chapter really helps in giving you new insight for motherhood.

Motherhood is a journey of bonding with your babies forever. Don’t miss those precious moments of life in the everyday rat race. The best gift which any mother can give to her kid is ‘ Mindful Motherhood’.

The world is full of distractions and thus its very important to live in present. I am grateful to God that I came across this book while browsing parenting section of a library. The way different topics are discussed and various ways are suggested which can help you to follow mindful parenting are really helpful but only if you practice!

To be mindful always is really a skill which has to be developed by practice.

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!

One stopover site for parents, kids, and teens-http://kidshealth.org/

Kids health http://kidshealth.org/parent/is an interesting site as it deals with parents, kids, and teens in different sections.

Kids section is having categories related to their interest. Like recipes, games, health, problems, injuries, feelings, etc. Every category is described in kids perceptive only.

Parents section is to solve queries from their side with topics like parenting, pregnancy, recipes for kids, etc.

Internet is a primary source to get information nowadays. Kidshealth.org provides detailed information regarding concerned topic which can range from any disease to knowing about pregnancy facts. Same goes for kids, all articles are written specially for kids knowledge only so that they can solve their queries regarding different topics at one place only. In fact cooking section provides recipes which kids friendly and can be cooked easily by them.

News section in parents section is one interesting feature which makes this website a different one. The latest news regarding kids , discoveries, happenings, and many other happening around the world is reported here.

Knowledge is power in today’s world and applied knowledge leads to success. This website provides right knowledge to right people at right time if used properly!