Everybody Says I am Fine!

It just dawned upon me that we are in dearth of closer relationships in comparison to our previous generation!

True relationships are rare these days. As we get busier with our lives we devote less time to our relations and one day suddenly you realize that there is no warmth in your relationship. At times I think that friends, with whom you interact more become  more closer to you than your relatives. I wonder how to make such relationships more closer and stronger where everybody only says I am fine!

Honest relationships are those where you really care for the person and are really hurt if you find the other person sad. Many times husband wife relationship  becomes formal when both start saying to each other I am fine, what about you? Its odd, you stay together, eat together, have same family and still are not aware about your partner’s dream. That’s the loophole of any relationship. Be it friend, relative, husband, wife or even with kids. Demand for today’s time is to have verbal relationship. We say we don’t want to speak others feeling by speaking to him about his shortcomings. But then you are spoiling the relationship. Life is like really a puzzle, you don’t speak when you are required to speak, and you only speak when you are not required to speak.

Effort should be made to know the otherside completely. How you can aspect the other person open to you when you are not ready to listen to him. If you are not interested in his dreams, his likes, dislikes, what he thinks about other issues then why he will give you importance. Try creating interest in relationship and thats the key to any successful relationship!

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