Author: Charu M

Myself, Charu Mehrotra, an entrepreneur by heart! Women Lines is a blog and a beautiful channel for me to reach out to lovely friends and share informative knowledge which I gain in the journey of my life. Women Lines also loves to share about successful women entrepreneur success stories in their own words in ‘Entrepreneur of the month’ section.

Books For Excellence Show: Meet the Author Tazeen Siddiqui

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Tazeen Siddiqui at Meet the Author session at ‘Books for Excellence’  show at Womenlines. Tazeen is the Managing Director of Mansha Educational Society, chairperson India for International Long Term Economy, Expert columnist NTD TV, presented papers at Harvard University and IIM Kozhikode. She is the author […]

Train Anybody Globally Through Virtual Classroom at Bringle Academy

As a digital partner, Womenlines presents exclusive Women Empowerment Opportunity brought to you by Bringle Academy, through which women can teach their expertise globally while working from home through Virtual Classroom at Bringle Academy!   Womenfolk are blessed with amazing powers. If they get the synergistic ecosystem to showcase their […]

Neck pain… what is the root cause?

 It is a pleasure to share about Senior Physiotherapist Shubhangi Gaikwad from the United Arab Emirates as an  Influencer for health and fitness at Womenlines panel. A Dedicated PT offering 7 years of acute-chronic care experience; a history of “exemplary” ratings on performance reviews; solid credentials that include, BLS/Dry needling/Manual Therapy certifications /certified FMT […]

 Biggest India Property Expo in Singapore By 30+ Top Indian Developers

Biggest India Property Expo 48-Hour Mega Offer Singapore By 30+ Top Indian Developers – Projects from all across India- For details or to Sign up for your FREE click the link below : 16-17 Nov @ Mariott Singapore, Orchard Learn about INCREDIBLE deals exclusively at this event only!   Get […]

Dance Movement Therapy Can Improve Health

Womenlines loves to get empowering and informative content for all readers, viewers and followers from across the globe. Womenlines is delighted to welcome the organisation ‘Cancer Awakens’  as a sponsor for the content related to ‘How to prevent and thrive with Cancer’ under ‘Health’ segment. Enlightening content from Cancer Awakens […]

Mentoring Individuals Across the Globe to achieve Executive Presence – Elaine Jacques

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Elaine Jacques in the ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ show at Womenlines! Elaine Jacques is an International Coach Federation certified coach and a medical Speech-Language Pathologist. Elaine’s coaching focuses on answering the questions:  What’s your big goal? and What’s one thing you can do today? Her holistic coaching […]

Healthy Ageing Initiative by Organisation SCHOOL-Adding Life to Years

Womenlines takes pleasure to share about a wonderful initiative by an organisation SCHOOL (Society of Community Health-Oriented Operational Links), which is very passionately working on very interesting projects with the teenage group (10 to 19) and also with the elderly group (60+) in India, with the intention to provide the best […]