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Every Woman is an Entrepreneur

Believe it or not!


It is very true fact that every woman is an entrepreneur. She is dealing with different projects at the same time. Project for her kid’s health, project for her family food and snacks, project for managing the household, project for managing relationships. Project to create a beautiful ambiance in the house. Project to manage kids studies and project to manage herself.

It is a responsible portfolio with a single motive to create happiness in life for all members of her family. And then it is not getting that appreciation the way one gets for her project deliveries in professional fields. Or rather it can be said this is not getting acknowledged, as people take her work as a routine work for any household lady.

This thought process has to be changed. We as women definitely should not avoid our family responsibilities but perform it with full dedication, but in return, we should stop cribbing of not getting appreciation. The happiness of fulfilling our all jobs with dedication should be celebrated by giving credit to oneself and taking out some time for oneself.

I read a strong saying “ Everybody is good at one thing., but once has to choose that thing herself’ and polish it. Get to know yourself well by using your time in the best way and improving productivity by correct time management. Time saved from getting depressed of lack of appreciation and lamely thinking oneself, as waste should be constructively used to know what are you good at and improvising it every day.

Every woman is born genius. Use your brain to find your individuality. Why need assurance from any body else. God has given special powers to every woman and it can do wonders if used with the passion in the right direction. All the best womenfolk for creating miracles in life!


Young Entrepreneur-Shradha Agarwal

She is young, smart, bubbling with confidence and very entrepreneurial in nature!

Meet Ms Shradha Agarwal, 26 year old entrepreneur who loves to try her hands in something new or the other and is creating unique gifts-Diaper Cakes for kids in Singapore.

Bundle of creativity

Bundle of creativity





I came across her while participating in one event where she had a stall for baby diapers cake!

Sounds interesting isn’t it. What are baby diaper cakes was the question when I first heard about it. Is it yummy? Well, not really but surely a feast for eyes. The main ingredient for the cake is baby diapers and the icing is done with baby accessories such as towels, blankets, toys, and other innovative baby usable products.

These diaper cakes completes a perfect baby shower and new arrival celebration. This exclusive and exquisite gift beautifully lends an authentic and personalized touch and makes the person gifted to feel special.  You can let her know the requirements such as having your cake personalize with baby’s name and picture, or would like to have minor changes in the cake design. And be sure that she is not duplicating the copy of your gift for any other customer. The one created for you will never be created for anyone else, that’s the charm. The price range starts from $50 for a single tier cake and can go up to anything between $100-$150 as per tier u require.

 So here is a gift that surely wouldn’t be lying around somewhere but would be totally used by the baby,and for once will be noticed by the baby too.

Shradha herself arrived in 2006  in Singapore and since then she is keeping herself busy in various creative activities.

Shradha came to know about Diaper Cakes while searching for unique gifts for kids on internet in 2008.

Mother of 2 year old boy Shradha is very innovative and fun loving women. Motherhood at an early age bought many transitions in her ,making her a lot more confident and responsible.

Right now she is enjoying her salsa lessons, has added one more portfolio to her resume i.e of being a make-up freelancer aas she has just finished her course from cosmoprof  makeup academy. She herself loves to dress in style and if you meet her she has lots of tips for you for your styling.There is no fullstop to her activities as she has started give her consultancy for innovative gifts which one can buy for their spouse or anybody they want to gift. You can call her and she if full of information whats the best suitable gift for your dear one as per her choices!

 Womenlines wishes her best luck for her efforts in making people more beautiful and her gift making endeavours!

Visit http://theinterpreter.multiply.com to know more about her.




Enterprising Spirit of Indian Women Association in Singapore!

Indian women spread their charm everywhere they are, why not in Singapore!



Indian women association of Singapore organised a shopping fare, IWA Bazaar, on 11 September, at Holiday Inn Singapore with much fun fare. It was a lovely experience participating in shopping fair and meeting such enterprising ladies.This  fair gave a platform to all those entrepreneur ladies who are trying to create niche for themselves by using their creativity or doing some business. There were various stalls put up by different vendors in the bazaar showcasing jewellery, clothing’s, painting’s and many more such items.

The Indian Women’s Association (IWA) of Singapore is a non-profit organization under the patronage of the High Commission of India. Founded in 1998 IWA comprises of a large exclusive member body representative of both the expatriate as well as local Indian Community. IWA is managed by a volunteer executive committee elected annually.IWA endeavours to bring the Indian community together by giving them a platform to connect, support, and network with each other whilst living Singapore.  Through IWA members participate in social, cultural, educational and philanthropic activities. IWA’s mission is not only to present a cultural platform, but also to provide a networking  interface to its working members.Membership  is open to all women of Indian origin or married to men of Indian origin residing in Singapore.

img_0919The organising committee led by Ms Ranjeeta  and Ms Monisha had put lots of hard work in organising such event at such a bigger scale. The show was glamorized by the ramp walk by lovely ladies displaying their brands of clothes and jewellery.Their were some unique stalls which displayed the creativity of our womenfolk. Gifts stall by Ms Shraddha Agarwal was unique in itself. She displayed her creativity through her baby diaper gift cakes which is an innovative idea in itself. Ms Georgie displayed her own designed jewellery in  a very creative manner. She designs jewellery with gems and stones.

Events like IWA Bazaar are really helpful in promoting entrepreneurship spirit of our womenfolk. Womenlines hats off to all those lovely ladies who took the initiative to organise this event.