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Enterprising Spirit of Indian Women Association (IWA) in Singapore!

Indian women spread their charm everywhere they are, why not in Singapore!

Indian women Association of Singapore organized a shopping fare, IWA Bazaar, on 11 September, at Holiday Inn Singapore with much fun fare. It was a lovely experience participating in the shopping fair and meeting such enterprising ladies. This fair gave a platform to all those entrepreneur ladies who are trying to create a niche for themselves by using their creativity or doing some business. There were various stalls put up by different vendors in the bazaar showcasing jewellery, clothing, paintings and much more such items.

The Indian Women’s Association (IWA) of Singapore is a non-profit organization under the patronage of the High Commission of India. Founded in 1998 IWA comprises of a large exclusive member body representative of both the expatriate as well as local Indian Community. IWA is managed by a volunteer executive committee elected annually.IWA endeavours to bring the Indian community together by giving them a platform to connect, support, and network with each other whilst living in Singapore.  Through IWA members participate in social, cultural, educational and philanthropic activities. IWA’s mission is not only to present a cultural platform but also to provide a networking interface to its working members. Membership is open to all women of Indian origin or married to men of Indian origin residing in Singapore.

img_0919The organizing committee led by Ms Ranjeeta and Ms Monisha had put lots of hard work in organizing such an event on such a bigger scale. The show was glamorized by the ramp walk by lovely ladies displaying their brands of clothes and jewellery. There were some unique stalls which displayed the creativity of our womenfolk. The gifts stall by Ms Shraddha Agarwal was unique in itself. She displayed her creativity through her baby diaper gift cakes which is an innovative idea in itself. Ms Georgie displayed her own designed jewellery in a very creative manner. She designs jewellery with gems and stones.

Events like IWA Bazaar are really helpful in promoting the entrepreneurship spirit of our womenfolk. Womenlines hats off to all those lovely ladies who took the initiative to organize this event.

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!

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  1. Daryl Lal

    Hi, was doing a search online, came to know about your organization. Wanted to say hi. I am also desi from Indian descent, living in USA for last 15 years. Would like to connect. Thx. God Bless.

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