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3 ways to save money and be happy gals!

It is the blessed time you are living in friends! 

You are empowered with information because of surplus channels, you are empowered with right mindset because of your education and you are empowered with confidence because of your right grooming. As a working woman, you are really working hard to be financially independent and live life on your own terms. It is your duty to yourself to tap into all sources which can help you in saving money to secure your future. A little amount of homework, time management, and passion can help you to save money and utilize it for better investments-


1.Exercise at home– Exercise is a must activity for any woman who wants to lead a healthy life. Doing exercises at gyms under the guidance of trainers is quite in fashion.  This requires investment in terms of time and money. If you are able to create a set of exercise as per your body requirement with a combination of Yoga and aerobics there is no need to go to the gym at all. Social media is full of such articles which can teach certain exercises to be carried at home.

2. Cook at home- Gals make cooking your hobby. Stop taking it as a mundane activity. Change your mindset for cooking as it is very well said- “You look what you eat”. And once you start cooking with an intention of looking good and healthy you will be amazed seeing the results. Save money by avoiding ordering food, plan out healthy cooking dates with friends, make groups of like-minded people who want to explore healthy cooking and share healthy recipes with each other

3. Groom at home- Most of the women dreams to look as beautiful as she can and goes to any extent to spend money and avail various beauty grooming services for her benefit. It all takes a little attention to hair and skin and enhancing inner beauty by eating well to look beautiful. Parlours and spas can be helpful in providing instant solutions to your beauty problems. But in the long run, your personal care will be responsible for your outer and inner beauty. Therefore friends start empowering yourself with knowledge and to do a list of actions to be taken at home for your beauty care. After all, you are considered to be a multitasker, everything is possible for you!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting excellence in women!

5 Ways to teach kids about money!(Part 2)

  • Ask your child to keep records of money saved, invested, or spent. To make it easy you can use 12 envelopes, 1 for each month, and encourage your child to place receipts from all purchases in the envelopes and keep note of what they do with their money. 0511-1004-0400-4825
  • Spending money can be fun and very productive spending is well-planned. Explain to your child how to check for value, quality, reparability, warranty, and other consumer concern. Spending smartly at the grocery store like using coupon shopping sales, comparing unit prices, can help in saving lots of money. 
  • Teach your child about the importance of budgeting. 
  • Explain to your child about the importance of credit cards and how it works. It is important that he understands the concept that it’s a way to borrow money and unless you return it back next month it will be very expensive to use. Credit card must be used in a disciplined way. 
  • Let your child take the spending decision. He should be encouraged to do some research work before purchasing anything and waiting for the right time to buy.

5 Ways to teach kids about money!!

  • For many families, talking about money is taboo. The adults make it, the kids ask for it, end of story. Yet financial experts agree that understanding cash, credit, and consumerism is possible, and important, for building a sense of financial responsibility in children. Womenlines will share various ways in future how we can develop money sense in our children.

  • Take an active role in providing them with information. Observation and repetition are two important ways children learn.

  • Communicate with children as they grow old about your values concerning money how to save it, how to make it grow, and most importantly, how to spend it wisely.

  • It is very important to help children learn the differences between needs, wants, and wishes. This will prepare them for making good spending decisions in the future.

  • Setting goals are fundamental to learning the value of money and saving. Nearly every toy or other item children ask their parents to buy them can become the object of a goal-setting session. Such goal-setting helps children learn to become responsible for themselves.

  • Introduce children to the value of saving versus spending. Explain and demonstrate the concept of earning interest income on savings.
  • Consider paying interest on money children to save at home; children can help calculate the interest and see how fast money accumulates through the power of compound interest. Later on, they also will realize that the quickest way to a good credit rating is a history of regular, successful savings. Some parents even offer to match what children save on their own. (contd)

Activities for kids!Part 4

Shopping with kids can be fun and fuss- it depends on how you mold it!

Most of the time parents don’t like taking their kids along for shopping as they find it troublesome. By doing this you are depriving your kid of having a great learning experience.

2394913259_d511565a0f These two activities can help you in making your kids smart shoppers and develop a sense of money and food costing.


Prepare a shopping list for your kid. Explain to him how important is to make a list before going out for shopping as it helps saving money and how it minimizes impulse buying. It can be a good practice for reading and writing. While you go shopping ask your kid to find some item, he will get busy and when he finds out and puts it into cart ask him to check off from your list.


Shopping grocery from the store can be a fun activity. When you return back from shopping while settling your grocery in the store ask your child to find the items you bought and ask him to read the price also. In this way, he will come to know about the food the family uses and the price too.

Have fun while shopping!


Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!