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Activities for kids! Part 4

Shopping with kids can be fun and fuss- it depends on how you mould it!

Most of the time parents don’t like taking their kids along for shopping as they find it troublesome. By doing this you are depriving your kid of having a great learning experience.

These two activities can help you in making your kids’ smart shoppers and develop a sense of money and food costing.


Prepare a shopping list for your kid. Explain to him how important is to make a list before going out for shopping as it helps saving money and how it minimizes impulse buying. It can be a good practice for reading and writing. While you go shopping ask your kid to find some item, he will get busy and when he finds out and puts it into cart ask him to check off from your list.


Shopping grocery from the store can be a fun activity. When you return back from shopping while settling your grocery in the store ask your child to find the items you bought and ask him to read the price also. In this way, he will come to know about the food the family uses and the price too.

Have fun while shopping!


Charu Mehrotra

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