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3 amazing ways to save your energy Gals!

energyEnergy is the source of all actions and as a woman, we have to carry out so many activities and play various roles of mother, sister, wife, we need energy in abundance. Energy is the key to giving 100% to all roles. The moment we have less energy our performance is affected and so the family is also disturbed.

Everybody wants the lady of the house to be happy, jovial, energetic with lots of smiles and above all healthy. But as we are consumed by various emotions throughout the day our energy levels fluctuate throughout the day. Healthy mind, healthy body, with positive emotions, help in generating a positive flow of energy. Now the challenge is how one can generate positive thoughts throughout the day. Here are 3 amazing rituals I came across and would love to share with my readers, which can help in managing your energy level throughout the day-

1. Get mindful about your emotions. How are you feeling at any particular time of the day and then how are you reacting to those emotions can help in managing oneself positively. Obviously, people perform better in the positive energy environment. Therefore search for those positive energy generators in your life

2. Right nutrition and the right amount of sleep helps in managing emotions in the better way.So friends please take your eating habit seriously. Eating right kind of food like banana which can help in generating positive emotions can help in managing oneself better way.

3. Appreciating others is the other way one can feel better and filled with gratitude. Gratitude helps in connecting with others and placing them at the larger place than oneself. When we appreciate others that feeling of connectivity fills us with all positive emotions and thus increase our inner power.

What are the other ways you are following to increase your inner energy levels:)! Please do share tips friends by adding comments below.

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting excellence in women!

Check your moods!


Do you get moody at times!

Most of the women do, it’s not a surprise as facts show that both men and women have monthly periods of hormonal surge that make them more ‘moody’ or subject to sudden moods. However, women hormonal surges are stronger and therefore reflect deeper on their behavior.

Well, it can be said women are moody because they are emotional and because they are emotional they are better managers. They can better identify and empathize with their employees and gain their confidence. I came across these facts that Smart women master their moods, that are they live by direction, determination, and decision rather than whim.

While going through so many emotions difficulty comes when we are not able to identify the feeling and understand its intensity. I came across such interesting fact that there are women who let their emotions run rampant. Smart women will shake off their earlier arguments, they will refuse to continue reacting to any comment throughout their day as they dealt with others and made the decision affecting other people. It is said that women who have mastered their moods have a higher tolerance for frustration, use fewer put-downs, handle conflicts more easily, avoid self-sabotaging reactions, and feel more positive about life. If you don’t master your mood they will muddle your mind. Smart women know when to say no, they know when to take a breather. So never be overwhelmed with your work. Often we suffer in silence. We get our feelings hurt when we should get angry, we are hurt we sometimes yell and accuse.

Negative thoughts create nasty moods, which will keep you away from what you want to achieve. Like so many skills in life, mood management requires both determination and skill.Negative moods can be a visible output of inner turn moil.We deal with the same issue again and again. Unresolved conflict forms the foundation of our emotional terrain. Replace blame with awareness,  resentment with gratitude, guilt with permission, smart women find their center their core their inner calm that helps them deflect attacks and resist seductions smart women have learned to connect their body with their emotions. They know what makes them feel calm, collected and confident


Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!