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Books for Excellence Show- ‘Play it Full’ by Kapil Kulshreshtha and Shilpa Kulshreshtha

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Kapil Kulshreshtha and Shilpa Kulshreshtha, authors of a best selling book  ‘Play it Full-7 steps to unlock an extraordinary career’ in ‘Books for Excellence’ show. In the interview above the power couple is sharing an interesting journey behind writing the book and how as a couple they were able to come up with such a high impact book together-

Kapil and Shilpa are Career and Life Strategists, Coaches and #1 Bestselling authors of their high impact book “Play it Full-7 steps to unlock an extraordinary career”.
With a rich corporate experience of 4 decades between then, they are following their purpose of impacting 1 million lives. They are known as a Power Couple, who is creating massive results for their clients- such as increasing the income of their clients by 30 to 50%, helping them create and implement strategies for living a life of purpose and financial success by playing it fully in all areas of life.
It is a personal development book to enable people to beat the same old same old average game and create an extraordinary life.
By simply following their 7 step coaching framework that is getting their mentees exceptional results in the real world, the audience in the corporate world can create concrete results, thus elevating their life like never before.

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