Awsome website to help busy mothers!

Hey all fellow  busy mothers around, I have an interesting info to share with you all this weekend which will help you a lot in your time management for the day!

It was such a pleasure to come across on internet and that too accidentally. Website is motivational booster website which gives tips and guidance to keep mothers motivated . Project me says “Treating your life like the important, ongoing project it  will make you happier, fulfilled, in control and balanced. You’ll have energy and enthusiasm for the ones you love. You’ll shine and the world will get to see the real you.”

Meet the team behind Project me-Suzie & Kelly and they are passionate about helping others finding a happier balance in life.Two friends, Kelly and Suzie, teamed up to create a powerful website designed specifically for helping busy moms gain control and live more happy, fulfilled lives. To the question how Project Me was born they reply-

“Project Me was born out of the belief that we can all be the project managers of our
own lives. No matter how busy life is, carving out chunks of planning and solution time is the best investment you can possibly make.” 

Now here is the best gift from website which is idea of creating Action Sheets.There are action sheets regarding writing about your goals, your desires, your gratitude,even for meal plans, brainstorming your ideas. There are all types of action sheets which you can download and pen it down in order to organize your thoughts systematically.

Team Project Me shares -“We developed our Action Sheets over the years to help ourselves to get better organised, prioritise time, overcome overwhelm, meal plan and problem solve on paper.We began sharing them with friends and then handing them out in our workshops and the feedback we get is amazing.When we created last September, it felt natural to include our favourite printable Action Sheets on the site so busy mothers everywhere can benefit from them.

Too many busy women have jumbled-up heads with all that they have to remember, plus problems they are constantly thinking about in the back of their mind. Suzie and I are big believers in getting things ‘out of your head and onto paper’. It frees up an enormous
amount of head space!

Hats off to the incredible idea by Project Me team. Women have to be a multitasker  in multitude ways in today’s times and websites like Project Me is definitely going to boost her skills and prepare to facelife in better way.


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