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An Exclusive Interview with a Fitness Coach Who Breaks Barriers: Dinaz Vervatwala

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Introducing Fitness Coach Dinaz Vervatwala on the Stellar Entrepreneur Show!

Dinaz is an acclaimed fitness expert, Guinness World Record holder, 3rd runner-up of the Miss Fitness Universe pageant, accomplished baker, successful entrepreneur, and a supermom from India. Starting her career as a chartered accountant, she has embarked on an inspiring journey. In her interview, she shared valuable insights on what it truly means to be an entrepreneur.

Meet an extraordinary individual who wears multiple hats with grace and determination. She is a renowned Fitness Professional, Entrepreneur, Guinness Record holder, Spiritual Healer, Survivor, Wife, and Mother. As a TEDx speaker, she has captivated audiences with her enlightening talks and has presented numerous scientific and non-scientific papers. Through her TV and Radio shows and newspaper articles, she has inspired countless individuals.


Her life took an unexpected turn when she survived a devastating fire accident, enduring severe injuries. It was during her recovery that she discovered the immense power of the Mind in overcoming physical and mental obstacles. Embracing a fresh perspective on fitness, she transformed herself into a Health and Fitness Coach, leveraging the power of Mind Programming to help people shed weight and strengthen their bodies holistically.

Her incredible dedication earned her a Guinness World Record for completing the longest aerobics marathon, a staggering 26 hours non-stop. As a digital Entrepreneur, her vision for the future is to extend her message of physical and mental wellness to corporate professionals and the general public alike.

Today, she has built a thriving digital community, connecting with over 4,000 individuals from across the globe. Join her on this inspiring journey as she continues to spread her mantra of well-being and empower lives worldwide.

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