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Inaugral FemTech Connect Asia Roundtable Launching in June 2024


SINGAPORE, 31 May 2024 – FemTech Association Asia is excited to announce FemTech Connect Asia, the pioneering roundtable event designed to help shape the future of FemTech in Asia.

Coined in 2016, the term “FemTech” refers to technology-enabled products and services that focus on women’s health. With an addressable market of 50% of the global population, the opportunity for the FemTech sector is huge with current market estimates valuing the global industry at around $1 billion.

Hosted at the Amazon Web Services office in Singapore on 20 and 21 June 2024, FemTech Connect Asia will welcome delegates from across Asia including: founders, government agencies, MNCs, investors, thought leaders, researchers and enthusiasts, all of whom are passionate about women’s health and technology. The roundtable format supports a discussion-based summit – prioritising engagement over lectures; personal encounters over cold-networking – focusing on the future of FemTech.

Lindsay Davis, Founder of FemTech Association Asia, said, “We believe the combination of the untapped market and strong talent we see from our member companies in Asia offer a huge opportunity to capture global market share by promoting and growing the industry regionally. We are incredibly excited to bring together the top industry experts from across Asia and beyond for the FemTech Connect Asia inaugural event to contribute towards a shared vision of available, accessible and affordable healthcare for all women across Asia.”

FemTech Connect Asia will engage in insightful discussions, immersive workshops and networking sessions to:

  • Create new paths for innovation in Asia’s FemTech industry;
  • Collaborate to expand the influence of the regional ecosystem;
  • Champion a future where technology bridges the gender gap; and
  • Connect with visionaries at the forefront of women’s health and technology.

Conference themes include: Addressing Research Gaps in FemTech; Patient-Provider Relationships in the Digital Era; Integrating Women’s Health into the Workplace; The Future of FemTech; FemTech company showcase, and more.


We extend our gratitude to our Platinum Sponsor, Cigna Healthcare Singapore, for leadership in supporting FemTech Connect Asia.

We also thank our Gold Sponsor, Singapore Global Network; Blue Sponsor, HSBC; and Venue Sponsor, AWS; and partners: Network Connectivity, Singtel; Knowledge: Milieu Insight and Deloitte; Official Media, Tatler Asia Front & Female; Travel, Elevated Journeys; Experience: Cigna Healthcare Singapore, Arise and Nespresso.

For more information on the agenda and to purchase tickets, please visit: https://www.femtechassociation.com/femtechconnectasia

For companies interested in FemTech Connect Asia event partnership or FemTech Association Asia collaboration, please reach out to: info@femtechassociation.com


Founded in October 2021, FemTech Association Asia is the region’s first and largest advisory and industry network for founders, professionals, investors and enthusiasts focused on improving women’s health through technology solutions. This award-nominated organisation currently represents over 75 FemTech companies across nine countries in Asia and is a member of the UNFPA Equity 2030 Alliance.


For more information, please contact:

Lindsay Davis Founder

FemTech Association Asia M: +65 8908 6642

E: info@femtechassociation.com

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