Creating desirable behaviour in kids!(Part 1)

Kids throw tantrums and always they throw!

Kids yell, jump, throw things here and there, slap, bite, behave rudely, and do so many other undesirable activities which at times every parent wants to avoid. I have gone through so many phases of my kid throwing tantrums  which forced me to find out that why he is behaving in such a way and how I can create the desirable behaviour  in my child. While my research on Internet sites, through various books I gathered so much knowledge that I consider it must to share with my blog readers so that they can also be benefited.badboy

Parenting is a subject in itself and every parent should be knowing that their are certain things to know and understand before you deal with your child. Ignorance can be a bliss but can cause you distress in later part of your life. That’s why I always say to my friends read as much as you can about parenting before you become one. Its definitely not an easy job and as nowadays most of the time there are nuclear families with nobody to guide you around you have to deal alone with your kids.

Positive behaviour in kids has to be nurtured out and cannot be achieved in one day. It demands your time , attention and desire to do it.

The first step to start with nurturing is to praise your child a lot. You will observe lots of improvement with recognizing good behaviour like patience, empathy, sibling caring, helping out others. While you are praising your child you are positively interacting with your child and if you do this act 6-7 times a week  you can just start with a baby step for reinforcement of type of behaviour you want. Praise is good as it builds self esteem, which is the inner feeling of competence which determines success in life. Make sure you are not praising your child for non-specific reason like “You are a good boy!” . Your praises must be for specific purpose like when your kid behaved properly praise like”That was like a grown up boy dear. When you are helpful to others you remind me that how big you are.Good Job!” We as a parent have to put lots of energy in complementing our kids to achieve desirable results.

Every child is a bundle of innocence and love. We have to learn to handle them with care so that as they grow they are having abundance of love in them which they can spread out around!

2 thoughts on “Creating desirable behaviour in kids!(Part 1)

  1. Nidhi Sharma

    Kids are really difficult to manage. My son is 6 yrs old and his gestures amaze me sometimes. But its a great feeling to see your kid grow.

    Your blog is excellent. I hope you write more about the same in future.

  2. Charu M Post author

    Thank you so much for complementing my blog Nidhi……Motivating womenfolk through my articles in my blog is my main aim…..I hope I am able to achieve my aim….

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