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Entrepreneur of the month-Shivali Mathur

Shivali Mathur, a mother, home manager, and an artist!

Womenlines introduces Shivali as an entrepreneur of the month because of her extraordinary skills and achievements. Her story is motivating to all those aspiring ladies who want to create a niche for themselves and also want to look after their family while managing their work from home.

Shivali is a commercial art artist. She is a Commercial art diploma holder from Jaipur college. She says that she never planned her career. She wanted to pursue modern office management but got admission in commercial arts. She was not aware

at that time that she had taken a right decision for herself. She started her career in the field of arts by taking art classes for kids at home. When she shifted to Singapore then her career graph started taking positive turns. She started making her own paintings. Once her little one had grown up, in 2005 she started taking drawing and painting classes in Singapore. That time she got a chance to the participant as an Indian Artist in the South Asian Art exhibition. There she got introduced to Temple of Fine Arts, Singapore and participated in three of the Dance India Taste India events organized in Singapore by them. She is also involved to promote Indian Art with India Tourism Board in Singapore at many of the events organized by them. Ang Mo Kio GRC also invited her to exhibit her artwork at ‘Rhythms In Unity 07’. Along with all these activities, she also started conducting kids holiday workshops, kids birthday crafty workshops, art workshops for kids and ladies. Mind you, ladies, her classes are not just only for kids and youngsters.Students of all age groups and from different walks of life come to her. She has students from age 50 to young as 4 years old. Some working women have also come to her to learn painting as they enjoy doing it and find it an easy way to relax. Recently, she also got an opportunity to exhibit her artwork and conduct workshop at ‘Celebrating Womanhood’, an event organized at Suntec, Singapore. Visit http://www.shivaliart.com/index.php to have a look at her work.

At present, she has joined Global India international School as an Art and Craft CCA teacher and as a teacher for the Indian Club In Singapore Management University(SMU). In SMU, she is teaching the various type of Indian paintings like Madhubani, Warli, Miniature paintings.

This path of her career has been built up by her hard work and dedication. In the meanwhile, she became a mother twice. She managed to move with her husband from one place to other, and is managing her home with a touch of art in it!

It’s really aspiring ladies. If you have some art in your hand then don’t get it go waste!

You never know how God can help you out if you work with true dedication and integrity!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!

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  1. Anita Nigam

    Good to see your article. We are proud of you. We know sky is the limit for you. Our best wishes are with you. See you on top.

  2. Dr Saurabh Mathur

    it was really pleasant to read about you. we too have some of yours brilliant art work. we wish you success in all your future projects.

  3. shakti narayan mathur

    your article is exelent. yoy have mare telent than mentioned by you. this is a biging, go head wish yoy all suceses.

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