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Activities for kids! Part 2

Kids in today’s times are smart!

They are very independent, aware of their choices, and know what they want. The confidence level is amazingly high and sometimes it tough to make them learn some new habit, as they think that they already know everything. During vacation time it’s a challenge to come out with constructive activities always.Vacation time should not be just wasted sitting idle in front of the television.

These 2 activities will help kids in helping out others and be understanding themselves in a better way.

1.Daily good habits-

Its nagging time for parents when times comes to routine habits. To make them pick daily habits in a better way create a chart that lists their activities daily and posts to near the sink. Attach a crayon with the string to the paper and draw check boxes next to each activity. Ask your child to tick mark the activity which he has finishes. You can include activities like a.I brushed my teeth b. I washed my face etc.

2. Helping out with daily chores-

It’s just to teach kids to help out with some daily chores otherwise they will always be dependent. Make a list of the chores to be done.Young children can learn to sort clean laundry into piles for different members, pick out clothes for the next day and clean the table after meals, and put items in the sink. You can also make a chore chart. Divide the chores per week, check off the chores as they are finished and then do switch job once a week.

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