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Protect your child from bullying!

Bullying is such a big problem I never realized until I attended a seminar organized by The Kidz Parade magazine in Singapore. The seminar was addressed by Andrew Matthews (Australian motivational speaker and self-help author) and Julie Matthews (famous author and speaker), who drew the concern of parents towards the gravity […]

Parenting- a Job Made Easier by parents.com

Parenting is in fashion! Yes, its so true that parents nowadays enjoy doing their job as a parent and are in look out for various ways how they can contribute in their babies wholesome development. Due to the limited knowledge they have, parenting books or parenting websites come real handy […]

Parenting Myths Busted in Workshop by Dr Laxmi!(I)

Parenting requires knowledge, awareness and passion. Every parent has to do parenting with choice or without it. Why not do it with passion and try to seek all right knowledge to do it in a right way. This article and further more is an effort to create awareness in today’s generation parents regarding parenting.