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Are you following smothering parenting ways for your kids?

Are you taking your parenting job very seriously?

Then you might be coming in smothering parent category with!

Take a break. Parenting is not a project to be finished with perfection. Its a lifelong journey and it has to be dealt with its requirement as and when needed.  Give space to your kids and to yourself too.

Parenting has become a big subject in today’s society and there are abundant books, classes, coaches, to guide you how to be a successful parent. But mind you, if your kid is observing you tensed and always worried. about some issue relating to him, whether it’s his studies, or diet or even hobby class he will never like it. He will more be pleased if he is observing you happy and contented with your life and taking it easy. Don’t create complications and unnecessary pressure for yourself by trying to be a cop parent.

Kids find their parents as their role model and they will exactly behave as you behave in your life. This should be a warning signal for you as whatever emotions also you are going through will affect him and will replicate you the same way when he will grow up.

Start checking yourself if you are interfering in your kid’s life too much. Don’t always be bothered if he is not keeping up perfectly with everything you want from him. Let him be a normal individual who can also make mistakes and learn from them.

Life will be full of happiness and love around if every individual is having space for themselves and enjoying it individually under their own capacity. So stop being a smothering parent and let some oxygen come in between your life.


Charu Mehrotra

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