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Unconditional love for kids!


Children need to feel our endless, unconditional love in order to grow, learn and trust. They need to love themselves so they can learn to love others.   

It’s a very natural fact for every parent and doesn’t think I am preaching the basics of parenting that please love your child because every parent on this earth loves has boundless love for their kids. My emphasis is on the second line that they have to love themselves first so that they can have the feel of this emotion for everybody around them. This can be done only if he is getting ample of love from his near and dear one. THIS LOVE SHOULD BE EXPRESSED LOVE IN SOME FORM. No doubt that you must be having ample of love for your child but what matters is how you express it. Do you express it by buying gifts and toys for him? Or do you express by taking him out for his outings? Love shouldn’t be dependent upon material things. It should come out straight from the heart and if you express it to your kid in some creative ways then it will leave the everlasting effect on him. 

Kids must trust you that no matter what happens, whatever mistake they do they can come to you and you are always there for them. If this trust is there then nothing can come between you and your kid. 

I came across interesting sharing from a mother that how she tied a little silver whistle from a long, red ribbon to hang on a wooden heart with a peg and painted the words “Need a little hug? Give a little whistle!” around the edge of the heart. She hung it on the kitchen wall. She was little apprehensive initially and thought that her kids are might too old for that and would think it is silly.But she heard the whistle blew, time by time, year after year. I consider it as a most wonderful way of communicating that kids need our time, they need to talk or need a hug. 

If you have will there are ways…Just give a thought how you want to love your kid!


Charu Mehrotra

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