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Letter of Gratitude to Singapore

Dear Singapore,

Happy Birthday to you! Its 48th year of age for you but you are getting younger and more beautiful every year.

The National day is one of the coveted events of the year which reflects your colorful spirit and sets a mood of celebration across the country in a colorful way. Initially, as an immigrant, I eagerly waited for this event as it came along a long weekend break which allowed me to plan my outings. After 6 fruitful years, I have fallen in love with you and want to express my gratitude for all the comforts and inspiration you have given me.

You are a lively country to stay with a family with kids. The government really pampers its citizens here to an extreme that at times I wonder how come any government can think so much about the wellbeing of its citizens! I love the fact that the moment any problem arises government focus shifts fully to find a solution to that problem. The way recently Dengue, Haze problems were tackled, kudos to instant government action plan which really helped in handling the problems in short time. I love the fact that government has done a wonderful job in opening libraries here. It’s a blessing to those who are avid readers like me. All books ranging from parenting to arts are available in libraries and can be borrowed from any library. I consider books as the best friends and the ease I have access to books here has helped me in gaining knowledge on the variety of topics. I love the fact that I can plan so many activities for my kids here and that too with so much ease. Going to Sentosa, beaches, bowling, fishing, adventure parks, cycling tracks, sports complexes, is always fun and kids just love to be at such places and enjoy their weekends. Besides playtime what I cherish most is the awesome family time spent together.  I am in love with you because I don’t feel alien here; all races respect each other and care for each other sentiments. The government has planned setup in such a way that everything is accessible with ease and this makes our stay more comfortable. I also love you for the reason that   I can celebrate my festivals with gaiety and joy as I do celebrate in India, as community centers around here do a wonderful job of organizing activities for festivals in the similar fashion. I love the fact that I can feel secure here at any place and at any wee hours. The government makes sure that security of women is taken care for in the country. Another reason I love you is your civilized society and you are a clean place to stay. The government has done the awesome groundwork to maintain the cleanliness of the country 24/7. I am in love with you because a government is regularly adding a new tourist attraction to keep the place lively. After staying for 6 years still, I have so many places to cover here and new places are getting added every year. I am assured that my family will never get bored of you.

I look forward to more wonderful years to come here with lots of lovely memories to remember for all residents. May God bless you!:):)

Yours truly,

Charu Mehrotra

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