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3 Requirements for Sharing a Product Recall on Social Media

recall on social media

In the US, there are regulatory organizations that tell you how to communicate a product recall on social media. This includes how to share a recall on social media.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, regulates how businesses communicate product recalls. As social media has grown and become a popular communication method for businesses, the CPSC has created requirements for sharing a recall on social media. This ensures businesses communicate with customers safely and efficiently. Keep reading to learn about three requirements your business must follow if you ever need to announce a product recall.

Recall on Social Media

You Must Use the Terms “Recall” and “Safety” in Your Post

Different businesses use different types of language to inform consumers of a product recall. For example, a large corporate chain business may use more formal language than a small local business. Whatever type of language you use in your social media post, the CPSC requires you to use the terms “recall” and “safety.” These terms will catch the reader’s attention so they understand the product recall and the next steps.

You Must Post a Photo To Improve Views

Most social media platforms favor photos and videos over text posts. If you are posting your recall announcement on one of these visual media social platforms, you must use a photo or video. This increases the priority of the post within the social media algorithms, which means more consumers see it. The more consumers see your post, the more people can learn about the recall and follow the appropriate next steps.

You Must Answer Direct Message Questions

Another common feature on social media sites is the option to direct message account holders. The CPSC requires businesses to open their direct message inboxes and respond to questions and concerns about the product recall. We suggest following the quick guide to product recalls for manufacturers, which recommends communication templates. Prepare direct message responses with a template that will guide concerned consumers through the next steps of the recall. You can set these responses to send as soon as someone messages you, which means they get the necessary information as soon as possible.

Businesses within the US must learn the three requirements for sharing a recall on social media we’ve shared above. There are additional social media recall post requirements that you will also need to learn, such as links you should include in the post and whether to make a recall post a featured post. Social media is a great tool. Use it wisely to communicate with consumers, including sharing information about recalls.

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