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4 Advantageous Tips for Announcing Your Office Relocation

office relocation

Announcing a relocation can cause a lot of stress. On the bright side, the perfect opportunity to expand your business and strengthen your team awaits!

Getting ready for a big move is never easy, especially in a business setting. Even after avoiding any mistakes in choosing a new office location, there’s always work ahead of you and details to keep in mind. While some find details may slip through the cracks, there’s one thing you’ll want to remember—your office relocation announcement!

Sharing the big news should be a joyous time for everyone! It offers the opportunity to introduce your team to their new environment and commemorates a new chapter in your company’s growth. Here are four advantageous tips for announcing your office relocation to help smooth the moving process.

Announce the Move to Your Team

After choosing a new office location, you’ll want to make your team the main priority. As the heart of your business, your employees should be the first to know about the office relocation. Consider organizing an announcement meeting to discuss details about the move.

Announcements may affect each employee differently, so you’ll want to let them know how the office relocation will benefit them and the company.

Keep Your Clients and Contacts Updated

A new office location is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with business partners and clients. It’s best to organize a list of every contact that should be aware of your relocation. Your list may range from clients to customers and vendors.

Ensure that you include positive reasoning behind the relocation along with several of the following:

  • The date that the new site will open.
  • The new office’s address with a map.
  • Update Your Website and Social Media
  • Contact information such as the office phone number and email address.

Update Your Website and Social Media

After directly communicating with your clients and business contacts, you’ll want to ensure you announce the big move on all digital properties and platforms. Create an attention-grabbing banner including the date and brief reasoning for the relocation that you can include on your website, social media, and blog posts.

It’s best to keep banners posted on platforms for at least six months during the location adjustment period. If you run print ads, you may also state your office relocation for six months to allow customers time to adjust.

Host an Event or Meeting in the New Space

After making all formal announcements, consider hosting an event or meeting in the new office. An event can be a fantastic opportunity to spark interest and evoke excitement toward the move. A company event also presents a chance for all employees to connect, especially if they aren’t in the same department.

Moving your office can be demanding, so having everyone on board is crucial to its success. Using these tips to announce your office relocation may ensure transparency between you, your team, and clients for a strong business relationship.

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