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Alert: How will you Utilise the next 123 days of 2021?


Get some powerful boost to use the remaining 123 days left in 2021, from our guest contributor Ela Staniak, Feminine Leadership Coach from Australia!

TIME… There are 123 days left this year, until 31st December 2021!

That’s 3 months and 30 days = 17 weeks and 2 days.

Along the years coaching high performing individuals in multiple industries I have witnessed an intriguing correlation between the quality of a relationship one develops with ‘time’ and their unique ability to experience, navigate and take charge of their results.

It is one of many unconscious concepts so most people do not realise they can change how they operate on day to day basis productively simply by understanding their perception of time alongside other elements of behavioural patterns.

How to Utilise the next 123 days of 2021

I’ve observed three main trends in the context of a relationship with time:

1) Not Enough Time

Operates in a sense that ‘there isn’t ever enough time to do things they must/ need to/ want to accomplish. Feels a sense of pressure. Wants to ‘do it all today/asap”. Without energy & time management often resorts to anxiousness, overwhelm, or even panic. Some may come across as scattered. Over time feels fatigued and can make small errors, which can leave some projects unaccomplished. Constant ‘DOINGNESS’ leaves them feeling depleted. BURN OUT AND FOMO sufferers this one is for you 😉

TIP: practise realistic planning. Taking on too much will result in repeating the same cycle.

2) There’s Always more time

Operates in a belief that there is always more time to do things they want to/ need to do. Can be a high performer at work but not necessarily personally. Lacks urgency in accomplishing tasks/ personal goals/ promises/ commitments because there is always tomorrow. Expect them to turn up to meetings late without an apology because they do not see being on time as a necessity – this does not demonstrate their lack of respect for others, but being on time is not high in their value ladder. Likes ‘going with the flow’ in a colloquial meaning.

TIP: assess whether your current way of operating is producing the results you want personally and professionally. Creating avenues for motivation and self-discipline are critical.

3) Works with time

Understands the importance of productivity vs high volume of activity. Demonstrates a fine combination of urgency and patience. Knows when to accelerate and when to slow down/ or stop to sustain optimum performance. Can flow in-between ‘being in a moment’ and ‘future pacing’ well. Can come across as grounded, dedicated and centred. Operates in a state of trust, alignment and connection. Appreciates every given moment. “Tomorrow is not promised”, so lives in gratitude. Loves the process/ the journey of “getting there” as much as the actual outcome.

TIP: to sustain this momentum remember that you are always ready for every experience you encounter. Challenges are stepping stones to further development.

How will you utilise the next 123 days of 2021?

What is your relationship with time?

Founder of ‘Feminine Leaders’. As a Feminine Leadership Coach to female CEO’s, Executives, and Business Owners Ela champions stratospheric results beyond imagining for women ready to achieve the next level of trajectory to ‘Lead & Live THE ULTIMATE LIFE’


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