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5 Benefits and Magic in Creating Doodles


Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Life Coach, Dr Jasbirr Grover, as a guest contributor who has shared an insightful article on how creating doodles can be beneficial to your mental health.

Creating Mindful Doodles doesn’t require any special drawing or artistic skill. It offers participants a hands-on experience of making anything with colours and doodling for self-awareness. You access resourceful parts of yourself to move towards positive change by being mindful of what you are doing.

Creating doodle art is an easy yet powerful process! The simple activity of drawing lines repeatedly to make a doodle helps individuals feel a less stressed and powerful tool to deal with emotions. Recent studies have shown that Doodling offers several benefits of improving memory and one’s ability to focus.

5 Benefits and Magic in Creating Doodles-

1. Doodling Art & Mindfulness

When we focus on the art of doodles, irrespective of everything, we can practice beautiful mindfulness practices. Doodling is often done simultaneously with other activities, such as learning in class, talking on the phone, and attending meetings. Creating doodle art allows individuals to slow down and be in the present moment. This can be achieved by bringing all the attention to the movement of the pen, pencil or colours, feeling the texture of the paper, filling with colours, the placement of the lines, curves figures and breathing. It is an act of a simple form of art, focusing on what we are doing and feeling at the moment and reminding them while making doodle art that their final product is not as crucial as their state of being while creating it.

2. Doodling is a stress outlet

Some studies have examined the positive effects of creating doodle art on mental health. Drawing doodles or zentangles can help alleviate psychological distress and anxiety by promoting relaxation. Many studies have examined the impact of creating doodle art on mental health. The simple, carefree and repetitive motions involved in creating the doodles often suppressed the mind’s fight-or-flight reaction. In fact, making any art, in general, is a proven method for reducing cortisol levels, as known as the stress hormone.

3. Doodling Boost Confidence

Every line and stroke in Doodling looks unique and has a purpose in that place, and there is nothing that looks like a mistake. One of the most significant advantages and beautiful things about doodles and zentangles is that there are no mistakes. In fact, it is recommended to create doodles using permanent markers that cannot be erased for this very reason. It actually isn’t. If a line or stroke goes different, it will look like an error. Every line can be easily incorporated somehow into your overall design. Doodling looks like a built-in safety net because there is no right or wrong way to do it. It can help help you build confidence, mainly if you focus on perfection or remain hesitant about making mistakes. Doodling can help ease this rigidity, embrace the process, and encourages them to let go and flow in their creativity.

4. Doodling improves memories

There are studies which suggest that Doodling can be an effective memory aid. It is found that memory retention could be increased by simply doodling while listening to other information orally. It was discovered that Doodling stimulates the brain just enough to keep you focused on the current task simultaneously.

What all you need for Doodle Art-

You’ll Need:
A sharpie
A fine tip marker or even an ordinary pen
A Piece of blank paper or any journal

Dr Jasbirr Grover

Life Coach-Mentor- Author- Mom- NLP Practitioner
Founder Coachinggeenie-Teens 2 Twenties
Study Overseas Self Taught Doodler Mindfulness

I am a self-taught Doodle Artist promoting mindfulness have healed my loneliness and depression by spending my time with pens, colours and doodles. I have published my debut book, Know Ur Unique Self, to take people on the journey of self-discovery, and my younger son and I handcraft this whole book. I use the power of doodles, colours and scripting art in my workshops to help people connect with God’s given power within.

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