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Best tips on how to Achieve Your Goals in 2021?

Womenlines takes pleasure to share about Leadership Coach Sally Anderson as a guest influencer for Leadership at Womenlines panel from New Zealand. Sally has privately coached key influencers internationally: CEO’s/executive teams/C-Suite forums/entrepreneurs/celebrities/politicians/millionaires/billionaires over 20 years. This week Sally is sharing incredible tips on how to achieve your goals in 2021-

Love to talk about the topic of ‘resistance’. Often times when it comes to producing results personally and or professionally the buzzwords/core focus are ‘commitment’, ‘resilience’, ‘responsibility’, ‘integrity’, ‘action’, ‘discipline’, BUT to achieve results consistently, one must learn how to transform one’s relationship with ‘resistance’.

  • Resistance has you get off the court
  • Resistance has you feel despondent
  • Resistance has you procrastinate
  • Resistance has you make excuses
  • Resistance has you give up
  • Resistance has you feel things will never change
  • Resistance becomes a vault of evidence for why it can’t be done
  • Resistance has you sell out
  • Resistance makes everything HARD
  • Resistance is uncomfortable
  • Resistance heightens self-criticism

The list is endless

Do you think an elite athlete at 4am in the morning when the alarm goes off doesn’t feel resistance????? Resistance is part and parcel of what it means to be committed and what it means to produce consistent results! So why on earth is there not more written about this sabotage mechanism??? Until you transform your relationship with this emotion, you will not produce results consistently. As we embark on 2021 and set our goals for ourselves personally and professionally we need to fall in love, yes, fall in love with resistance as a good sign!

So my challenge to you today is this – how can you make ‘resistance’ your new friend!

10 top recommendations today – Simple but effective:-

  1. Apply reverse psychology, use the feeling of ‘resistance’ to work FOR YOU, versus AGAINST YOU! As in when you want to back out, GO IN!
  2. Have the feeling of ‘resistance’ be your calling card to do the opposite of what you would usually do, see it as a great sign you are on course
  3. Associate with your WHY in a way that is BIGGER than your ‘resistance’ in the moments you wish to get off the court!
  4. Get a sense of humour, lighten up the energy, it’s just a feeling, it holds NO power unless you give it power! Change the paradigm!
  5. If you get off the court, as in sabotage your commitment, do not throw the baby out with the bath water, just RESET, RETACK and RECOMMIT, no biggie
  6. Have compassion, to be human is to sabotage so expect that the wagon wheel will fall off, expect it – just realise that to be committed one will traverse many emotions and sabotage is allowed just don’t sell out to it
  7. Alas the power of CHOICE applies when ‘resistance’ comes calling. As the quote today states ‘You can have results or excuses you cannot have both!’- Arnold Schwarzenegger
  8. The key to self mastery is not about not getting triggered its the length of time you spend in the trigger, so whatever triggered you to sabotage your commitment in any given moment does not have to rule the outcome – just recommit, with speed and velocity, chalk it up to an experience
  9. Get present to the costs of self sabotage – most people can rattle off the costs but few are associated to the costs, if they were they would move in a heartbeat – 2021 could be the year where everything changes
  10. To sustain change one must die to the old identity, you cannot sustain change and expect that the old identity can come with you. If single then all of a sudden in relationship / If financially constrained and then all of a sudden financial prosperous / If overweight and then all of a sudden you experience dramatic weight loss – if you have not done enough work on the default you will revert back to the old identity – recommendation – DO THE WORK!

Let 2021 be THE year where you FINALLY live your dreams, that folks will be a function of transforming your relationship to ‘resistance’!

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Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson

CEO/C-Suite Leadership Coach

Sally partner’s CEO’s/C-Suite Leadership Executives/Key Influencer’s Achieve Unprecedented ‘Sustainable’ RESULTS!


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