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Womenlines.com ( listed in top 40 online women’s magazines to follow in 2020), in collaboration with Solworxs (founded by Mani Lakkaraju), a business company from India, takes pleasure to present BIZWAY- An Online Presence Platform.

A very interesting bi-monthly show, especially for entrepreneurs across! . Bizway is an international Online Presence Platform (OPP) with a key objective to foster beyond and enable entrepreneurs to grow into the future.

Online presence platform is a service which is offered by the Bizway team to facilitate businesses to join an online show and create the marketable content from the online show which is later made available at various branded digital pages like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc… and online magazine Womenlines for 24*7 digital presence on the content online.

Email [email protected] to register for the show!

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