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Breaking Barriers: How Lilian Ong Empowers Women with Courage

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Welcome to the Stellar Entrepreneur Show, where we are thrilled to introduce our latest guest, the remarkable trailblazer, Lilian Ong, who is breaking barriers in the world of entrepreneurship in Singapore. Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of this dynamic entrepreneur, and uncover the secrets to her success.

How Lilian Ong is Breaking Barriers?

Lilian Ong is a social entrepreneur & community builder, courage coach & breakthrough catalyst, author, speaker,  founder of Class Living, Her Courage Biz Network, Women of Courage Asia & Connecting Mothers, SG Country President of the Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry (ABWCI) , Singapore Maxwell Leadership Certified Team ICF Certified Coach, Accredited Enneagram Coach. Accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Timeline Therapy Practitioner BSc.Hons in Real Estate Management, Oxford Brookes University!

Lilian helps women to ignite & unleash their power of Leadership and influence with Courage. As a result of working with Lilian’s Coaching & Mentoring programs, women from all walks of life are gaining confidence & clarity in their personal & professional lives, breaking their patterns of self-sabotaging behaviours, getting unstuck from their fears, self-doubt & limiting beliefs, and living a life of Freedom, Purpose & Significance Lilian has shared her story of Awakening Courage, Breaking the Fear Barrier to thousands locally & overseas. She has spoken at various social community groups, organizations, Institutions & events such as the Women Business Day at Asia’s largest Online Marketing Success Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, Singapore Female Festival 2018, Facebook Singapore, NBC Universal Singapore, NUS Entrepreneurship Society, Social Oven 2019, ITE Central, ITE College East, Nanyang Polytechnic, SOTA, PSG, PSB Academy, SMU Women Connection, SCIA Cambodia, ABWCI India and the Philippines.

As a volunteer, Lilian contributes her time and serves in various communities & non-profit organizations. She has developed & runs the Art Of Hope Mentoring program, integrated with character building in a female Juvenile Institution, and as a mentor of the Life Champions Mentoring Program by Architects of Life. She also volunteers in Humanitarian work in Cambodia, Indonesia & the Philippines. As Captain of Lives with the Singapore Prison Service, She runs personal development programs in the Changi Women’s Prison. What most don’t know is that for many years, she struggled with Self-doubt and fear; battled with Depression and Body Image issues and was Suicidal. She went from being withdrawn with a low self-worth Mindset, to stepping out of her comfort zone with courage to make a difference in her sphere of influence. She started simply with the aim of being a role model for her children, leading by example to live a life of Courage and purpose.

She went from a stay-at-home mother who was confused & lost in self-identity to an entrepreneur who rebuilt her confidence as a Real Estate Consultant, built a furnishing business from scratch & exited successfully after 10 years. From struggling with Body Image and health issues to taking ownership & responsibility to put her health back in order. In that process, she shed 10kg & 16cm off her waistline & ran 2 Half Marathon at 44. From being stuck in Fear and self-doubt to breaking her limiting beliefs and becoming an Author and transformational Speaker. She wrote her first book “Women of Courage, Breaking the Fear Barrier” and launched it through a book tour with a goal of 25 public speaking engagements within 9 months in 5 countries, overcoming her extreme fear of Public Speaking.

Her personal challenging experiences in childhood, adolescence, motherhood & entrepreneurship compelled her to start the Connecting Mothers support group, founded the social enterprise, Class Living, the communities, Women of Courage Asia & Her Courage BizNetwork where she immerses her life to inspire & empower women to renew their minds & break their fear barriers, to awaken their courage & reclaim their confidence to live their dreams and a life of CLASS: Courage, Love, Authenticity, Stewardship & Significance, through her Courage Coaching & Mentoring programs. Today, Lilian and her team are on a mission to create highly tailored transformational personal & leadership development programs through Class Living, so that every woman is equipped with tools to succeed in their personal life and businesses.


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