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Business Mentor and Life Strategist to Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Entrepreneurs-Pat Alva-Kraker

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It’s a pleasure to welcome Business Mentor Pat Alva-Kraker from Dallas to the ‘Entrepreneur/Professional of the Week’ show! Listen from her the above video about how she achieved her dreams after facing so many challenges in life.

Womenlines believes that success always leaves a footprint and at ‘Entrepreneur/Professional of the Month’ Show our aim is to share those footprints with our audience! Learn from women achievers and leaders from across the globe, how they have achieved their dreams and what is the secret to their success? At ‘Entrepreneur/Professional of the Month Show, we share talks with women leaders and achievers from across the globe who have solved the puzzle of leadership!

Pat Alva-Kraker is a serial entrepreneur with businesses in real estate private lending and business mentoring for women entrepreneurs.  She is a three-time best selling author and speaker. To learn more about Pat visit her website at www.MajesticCoachingGroup.com.

Pat Alva-Kraker (formerly Alva-Green) has experienced many ups and downs during her life. Instead of giving up, she fought. She was her own catalyst for change and was determined to create the life she envisioned—and deserved.

“I now help women establish and grow their businesses in a way that aligns with their values and goals. I help clients get clarity on what matters most in their business while developing an action plan that supports their vision. I believe that success in life and business begins with self-mastery.”

Pat Alva-Kraker

Success in the Corporate Cage

Pat’s story begins in Denton, Texas, where she was a project manager at IBM. Although successful, the long hours and 80 percent travel left her drained and unhappy. In addition, Pat also helped her husband manage an exotic animal ranch and a bail bond company. She knew she wanted more out of life, but was too afraid to leave corporate and become her own boss.

Cancer Diagnosis

In 1996, Pat’s life changed radically when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pat became very clear that life is too short to be so unhappy. Cancer was her catalyst for becoming a subject matter expert on alternative medicine and earning certifications in Reiki and Polarity therapies. Today, Pat is a cancer thriver of over 25 years.


After 22 years of service, Pat was laid off by IBM. She found a new career at Lockheed Martin and began developing a part-time business that she really loved—a coaching practice that offered project management services, life and business coaching and alternative medicine. 


Several years later, Pat’s husband, Don, passed away. In deep grief, Pat again found herself working long hours, managing the endless responsibilities of the ranch as well as her coaching practice. She was overwhelmed, burned out, and knew something had to change. Pat determined to reset, rewire, and reorganize her life.


In 2016, Pat retired from Lockheed Martin and went into business full-time for herself as a business strategist, mentor, trainer, speaker and author under the banner of Majestic Coaching Group. In the process, she fell in love again and is now married to Mitch Kraker.

Pat continues to mentor female entrepreneurs who are making a positive, joyful impact in the world.

Pat is an Amazon international best-selling author of Katherine’s Quest – One Woman’s Journey to Elation.

Pat is a mind, body and soul coach

who appreciates all of who you are and how that affects your business.

She will help you:

• Get clarity on what matters most in your business

• Develop crystal-clear strategies and action plans

• Learn both the hard and soft skills you need to lead like a woman

• Grow in ways that align with your unique design, values and goals

• Guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

Pat’s rich experience, unique set of skills and certifications in coaching, project management, Clifton StrengthsFinder, Reiki, and Polarity and her experience in Human Design give her the ability to help women succeed in a wide variety of areas.

Visit Pat’s website to know details about her!

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