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Charu Mehrotra – Women’s Biz Tribe Success Summit Speaker

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The ‘Women’s Tribe Success Summit’, organised by Business Coach Annie Gibbins from Australia, was designed to inspire and equip women to confidently step into their next level of success – in business and life!

Charu Mehrotra was one of the speakers in this online event, which was scheduled between 16- 17 September. Charu delivered her talk on ‘ How to use digital media to empower women globally?’. In the talk in the video shared above Charu has shared insights about how digital media can empower women globally.

The event was live-streamed on Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn. The summit featured business leaders, innovators, thought-trail blazers, and change agents who are experts in their niche and ready to share their expertise to help guide women’s success journey.

Annie Gibbins is a multi-award-winning Business leader, Founder and CEO of Annie Gibbins Global, The Women’sBiz Tribe and  The Women’sBiz Incubator. Annie is also a Board Director, Philanthropist, Key Note Speaker, Podcast Host, #1 Best Selling Author, and G100 Chair for Equity and Equality.  Annie’s many professional accolades gained over 30 years across Health, Education, Corporate, NFP and Charity sectors drive her to inspire and empower women across the globe to achieve success in business and life.

Amazingly Annie has achieved her success whilst raising my family of five including 2 sets of twins born 26 months apart!

Put simply, Annie helps women achieve financial independence so they can have the freedom to live a life they love!

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