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Empowering Women on Screen: ‘Dominoes’ Feature Film Shines a Light on Women’s Mental Health

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Womenlines takes pleasure  to host the lead cast of the full-length feature film by Dream Catchers  ‘Dominoes’ shining light on women’s mental health issues, in talk show ‘Let’s Erase Domestic Violence.’ Produced entirely in Singapore by Dream Catchers, the film tackles women’s mental health and empowerment with a powerful message. The visionary behind Dream Catchers, Shalima Motial, has poured her heart and soul into this passion project. Shalima’s exceptional acting skills as one of the lead cast members in “Dominoes” have left the audience in awe and admiration. Her ability to portray complex emotions and bring her character to life on screen is truly remarkable and a testament to her talent and dedication to the film. Alongside her, the talented Swetha Avinash Rao, Ishika Sircar, and Nikki have delivered incredible performances, bringing their characters to life on screen.

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‘Dominoes’ is a full-length feature film produced entirely in Singapore by Dream Catchers in collaboration with Zee TV. The film focuses on women’s issues and mental health, and it follows the stories of four women who must confront their own struggles while navigating a world that is predominantly made for men. The film features never-before-seen performances from local artists, and it was helmed by a predominantly female production team. Dream Catchers is excited to entertain you all through the full-length feature film “Dominoes” on 19th March at 3 pm at Carnival Cinema. You can book tickets at 91855177 or at www.carnivalcinemas.sg. The film is rated PG and is in English.

The film tells the story of four women: Keya, Tia, Simi, and Isha. Keya is a popular high school student who is surrounded by amazing friends, but something seems to be missing in her life. Tia has a beautiful family and a steady career, but she must learn to stand up for herself. Simi is a sharp, intelligent, and fierce rockstar who is making waves in a male-dominated workplace and industry. She must fight tooth and nail to prove herself when men spread rumours and raise questions about her ability to handle a prestigious project. At the same time, she must use her tech chops to help her friend Tia rescue someone in genuine peril. Isha is beyond happy to emigrate to Singapore with the love of her life to escape the pressures of living with a joint family, but a strange illness prevents her from starting a family. Despite assurances from her doctor, her condition only gets worse, and she must contend with a deeper mystery.

Viewers can expect a piercing look at challenges faced by women at school, in the workplace, and in family life, and a unique perspective on their struggles to overcome these challenges. The film also explores how mental health issues become intertwined in such complex situations.

Quotes from the film’s team include Director Himanshu Motial’s comment that “Dominoes has been an awesome life experience,” and Director Rajith Mohan’s statement that “I am glad that we could pull it off in a decent way.” Actor Konrad Kuc praised the film’s writers, producers, TikTok videos, directors, actors, and crew, saying, “And somehow you get a bunch of people very satisfied with what they’ve done, and an amazing movie for others to enjoy.” High school student and actor Niki, who played Keya, said that she thoroughly enjoyed playing her role and working with the other talented actors.

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