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Unveil Your Space’s Potential with Orderly’s Expertise

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Elevate Your Space with Orderly Solutions

Discover Orderly, your premier solution to home and office organization in Singapore. Led by experienced founders Rae and Vanessa, Orderly offers bespoke decluttering and storage solutions tailored to your unique needs. Transform chaos into curated spaces with their expert services. Visit their website for rates and inspiration.

In the bustling city of Singapore, where space comes at a premium and time is a precious commodity, the task of tidying up and decluttering can often seem overwhelming. Fortunately, for those seeking expert guidance and assistance in transforming their living or working spaces, Orderly—a professional organizing service founded by Rae Zhang and Vanessa Yip—stands as a beacon of streamlined efficiency and tailored solutions.

Rae Zhang, CEO and Co-Founder of Orderly, discovered her passion for professional organizing following a career shift from healthcare. With a background as a clinical dietitian in a hospital setting, Rae honed her ability to assess complex situations and deliver practical, personalized solutions—skills that now prove invaluable in her role as the driving force behind Orderly. Her experience in senior management equipped her with insights into staff and project management, laying a robust foundation for her leadership at Orderly. Rae’s expertise in optimizing solutions, effective delegation, servant leadership, and process streamlining are instrumental in propelling the success of the organization.

What sets Orderly apart is its commitment to delivering personalized experiences. Each client receives tailored recommendations and hands-on assistance, empowering them to maintain organized spaces beyond the initial intervention. With a focus on efficiency and client satisfaction, Orderly strives to create lasting transformations that enhance both productivity and overall well-being.

On the other hand, Vanessa Yip, Co-Founder of Orderly, brings her meticulous nature and passion for organization into the company. As a former educator, Vanessa recognized the importance of efficient systems in her classroom, which later translated into her role at Orderly. Her experience working with children honed her eye for detail and instilled in her a dedication to providing quality service.

Vanessa’s role as the Chief People Officer at Orderly reflects her strength in building connections with both staff and clients. She fosters a supportive and inclusive culture within the company, ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected.

Orderly’s services are comprehensive and extend beyond residential spaces to include work environments such as offices, retail outlets, warehouses, and cafes. Whether clients require assistance with pre-move decluttering, packing, or unpacking, Orderly offers a range of services tailored to meet diverse needs.

The journey with Orderly typically begins with a complimentary 45 to 60-minute tele-consultation, where clients can discuss their requirements and explore potential solutions. Rates are competitive, with weekday services priced at $65 per hour per professional organizer, along with a 30% surcharge for weekend appointments—an approach that ensures flexibility while maintaining affordability.

The services provided by Orderly are designed to address various organizational needs, including decluttering, organizing, moving assistance, product planning, and storage solutions. By leveraging their expertise, clients can transform chaotic spaces into curated environments, reclaiming peace and functionality in their surroundings.

Orderly’s approach is rooted in understanding each client’s unique organizing style and preferences. Inspired by methodologies like Marie Kondo’s, Orderly’s consultants excel at helping individuals identify and embrace effective organizational techniques. Certified by Clutterbug, they bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to every project, ensuring that solutions are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable for the long term.


For those seeking organizational inspiration and detailed information on rates, Orderly’s website and Instagram page serve as valuable resources. Through engaging content and real-life examples, clients can envision the potential of their own spaces and gain insights into effective organizational strategies.

In summary, Orderly represents more than just a professional organizing service; it embodies a dedication to improving lives through thoughtful and effective space management. With Rae Zhang and Vanessa Yip at the helm, Orderly offers a holistic approach to decluttering and organizing, empowering clients to reclaim control over their environments and embrace a more harmonious way of living and working.

Orderly’s services extend beyond homes to workspaces such as offices, retail outlets, warehouses, and cafes. Whether you’re seeking assistance with pre-move decluttering, packing, or unpacking, they have you covered.

To begin, Orderly offers a complimentary 45 to 60-minute tele-consultation. Their rates are competitive, with weekday services priced at $65 per hour per professional organizer and a 30% surcharge for weekend appointments. For detailed rates and organizational inspiration, visit their website and explore their Instagram page.

Services provided by Orderly include decluttering, organizing, moving assistance, product planning, and storage solutions. With Orderly, transform your space from chaotic to curated, and reclaim peace and functionality in your surroundings.

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