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Episode 19- Ketki Naturopath Series- 6 Ultimate Herbal Tips to Fight Fatigue

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Womenlines takes pleasure to share about Ms Ketki Vinayachandra as an ‘Influencer of Health’ at Womenlines panel. Ketki is sharing articles and videos related to excellence in health through Naturopathy at Womenlines. Ketki is a trained Naturopath and she is quite passionate about creating awareness about Naturopathy across the world. In this video, Ketki is sharing about 6 Ultimate Herbal Tips to Fight Fatigue

Hacks and tips for busy exhausted professionals to fight fatigue-

Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or lack of energy that is not easily gone by resting also. Exhausted professionals may feel fatigued in body or mind and herbal tips to fight fatigue can help such professionals.

Most of the time, fatigue can be caused due to bad habits or routines. Fatigue can be a normal occurrence caused due to poor eating habits, stress, or due to irregular sleeping pattern.

Though sometimes cause of fatigue may be due to underlying medical problem that requires medical treatment. Therefore if fatigue is not going away by having regular sleep, proper nutrition, or a low-stress environment, doctor should be consulted immediately.

Naturopath Ketki is sharing informative insights in the video above-

Medical causes of fatigue

Non medical causes of fatigue

6 herbal tips to boost energy

Professionals should always see a doctor make sure that their fatigue isn’t caused by an underlying medical issue. They have to be mindful about their daily routine habits and nutrition. Many times fatigue cases are mainly due to psychological factors which can be cured by taking care of emotional health.

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