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Fascinating: How The Art of Window Cleaning be used for Self-Discovery that can help you to Grow

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Isn’t this sounding fascinating, how can the art of window cleaning be used for self-discovery?

Guest contributor at Womenlines Mrs Vimmi Jolly, who is an Educationist, Columnist, Speaker from India, has shared a very insightful thought-provoking article that can help you to navigate yourself better way-

In learning the art of seeing specialities in others we need to apply the first Law of Spirituality, which says we are responsible for our own experiences; if I see the negative in others I feel unhappy; if I see the positive I feel happy.  It is up to me to decide.  To justify the way we feel we have become highly skilled at the Art of Blame.  It is a skill we have refined over a long time to escape our conscience. 

It is often hardest to see the specialities in those I am familiar with: my family, friends and work colleagues.  Below are some points to ponder that have helped me improve the Art of Window Cleaning!

A good way to get to know me on a deeper level is to start with the question: what do I really value in life? I will probably find that I value qualities such as love, happiness, compassion…the things that make me feel valued and bring inner happiness. I then think about whether or not the way I live my life reflects that – and what is there in my life that matches what I value? 

             “Start with the question: what do I really value in life?”

Much of the unhappiness and insecurity in the world is a result of our limited, external perception of ourselves. I believe it is the inner, spiritual, identity that people are searching for today. This spiritual identity can give me hope in a situation of despair, show me a solution to any problem and inspire me to change the direction of my life.  And it is through recognizing and experiencing my spiritual self that I can connect with God and receive the strength and broader vision that I need to contribute positively to this world.

All the mediums of social media (be it any) often seems to encourage this skill by glorifying intelligence as the ability to analyze weaknesses in others.  With calculated intent, the character of another is pulled apart.  We learn this skill and pass it onto others.  The great irony of the whole process is that I become the target. I am deeply hurt.  We forget another Law of Spirituality, that of cause and effect.  I will reap the fruit of my attitudes.  It makes it even more important to consciously educate myself to see the specialities in the self and others.

Seeing myself as a spiritual being, I rediscover my natural, inner treasures of peace, love, purity, happiness and wisdom, which I tend to forget.  It’s like having a beautiful instrument in my cupboard. Well, why not play it?  When I experience these qualities within myself, I become a much happier, more stable person. Understanding my own value, I am able to keep my self-respect, even when someone is trying to bring me down, and so can help others come out of their limited perception.

Given the landscape of today’s fast-paced technologically simulated world, I Am Unbiased, I Am Peace, I Am Mindful, I Am Empathetic! is a gentle and loving reminder for kids and adults to appreciate living in the moment, calm their emotions, be patient and kind with themselves and others, and respect the simplicity of nature.

I am a Learner on a Spiritual Path.…… Not a Disciple!

By: Mrs Vimmi Jolly

Educationist, Columnist, Speaker

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