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Female Leadership: The Secret Behind Why Slow Progress Is Still Progress

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In this article Leadership Coach, Sally Anderson is sharing the real secret that why slow progress is considered to be progress! Sally has privately coached key influencers internationally: CEO’s/executive teams/C-Suite forums/entrepreneurs/celebrities/politicians/millionaires/billionaires over 20 years. Womenlines is promoting female leadership across the globe and this article is especially to motivate female leaders.

I love this image. My message today is short and sweet because sometimes powerful messages do not need elaborate explanation.

Where ever you are at on your journey personally and professionally is EXACTLY where you need to be with reference to what it is you are here learning at this time!

Wanting to be somewhere else other than where you are at sets you up to be dissatisfied with your life as it is now!

Living in the dynamic of ‘this isn’t it yet, there is somewhere else to get and when I get there it will be better than here is the insane world we as humans create.

The concept of ‘being here now, as it is, being grateful for ‘what is, is where life is truly lived.

I believe the biggest addiction on this planet is ‘dissatisfaction’. Those who have yet to attain what they want are dissatisfied. Those who have everything, yes even these people, they too are dissatisfied – it’s rife in our society globally.

Some quit due to slow progress never grasping the fact that….slow progress is progress! So long as you know what you want, are taking action towards that aim, know that ‘slow progress is still progress, and you will achieve your end game but folks in the meantime ensure you enjoy the journey to your interpretation of ‘there’. When I ask people ‘is this it yet’? The standard response is NO! They then say – I am getting there! Where I ask is that place called ‘there? AND why do you perceive that it is better than here!

Here is where life is to be lived, there is only the NOW moment but you have to be here to enjoy it! Satisfaction does not lie in some future destination, satisfaction is being grateful for ‘what is. STOP the frustration, the impatience, the distractions, the resignation/resentment for what is yet to manifest…its always in spirits time, not yours!


Leadership Coach to let go negative affirmations
Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson

Leadership Coach To The Influencers


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