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From Break to Returnship: How to Successfully Relaunch Your Career

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Womenlines is thrilled to introduce Janani Chandran, a passionate advocate for returnship programs and a strong proponent of diversity and inclusion. With her extensive experience as a Senior Product Manager at Rakuten Asia, Singapore, Janani brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. We are honored to have her share her insights and valuable advice on successfully relaunching one’s career after taking a break. Listen to the captivating interview above, where Janani recently joined Charu Mehrotra, the founder of Womenlines, on the renowned show “A Spotlight on Exceptional Professionals.” During the interview, Janani shared valuable insights and guidance for women seeking to rejoin the workforce after taking a break, whether due to motherhood or caregiving responsibilities. Her expertise and experience in this area provide invaluable advice and inspiration for women navigating their professional journeys.

Janani has accumulated 18 years of extensive experience in managing full cycles of complex IT projects across various industries, including Payments/Digital, eCommerce, and Mobile Applications. Throughout her career, she has excelled in project, product, and program management, as well as business analysis and requirements gathering. With expertise in stakeholder and vendor management, production support, and team building, Janani has demonstrated her ability to thrive in cross-country team environments, particularly within the APAC region.

Janani’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident through her active participation as a champion in the Rakuten Tech Inclusion Group. She has also successfully managed a Toastmasters Club, further showcasing her leadership abilities. Janani’s passion lies in mentoring young engineers, helping them settle into their work roles, as well as supporting women returning to the workforce after maternity breaks. Witnessing their success and enabling them to pursue their desired careers brings her immense satisfaction.

Within her professional roles, Janani wears many hats, including people manager, product and project lead, mentor, trainer, and QA tester. Her exceptional communication skills, coupled with her ability to connect with individuals at all levels, set her apart. Janani is highly regarded as a skilled orator and frequently serves as a host for various corporate and community events.

With a cheerful and curious nature, Janani believes in lifelong learning to nurture her inquisitive spirit. She is deeply passionate about volunteering and has held key positions such as the East Coast Green Ambassador and Chairperson of the Parents Support Group PIE Club at Changkat Primary School. Janani also dedicates her time as a Kidsread volunteer, sharing stories as a storyteller with the National Library Board. As the proud owner of the ProductX mentorship program, she has served as a mentor for The Product Circle, as well as organizations such as SMU, NTU, NUS-Yale, and TechLadies Singapore.

Janani has contributed as a speaker and panel discussion moderator at various events, including the TechLadies e-Hiring event, NTU SheShares, General Assembly Career Re-launch, and several internal events at Rakuten and schools in Singapore. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is an avid traveler and maintains a strong presence on social media platforms.


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