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Fun Team-Building Activities for Employees

team building activities

Often, people will groan and roll their eyes when presented with a team-building activity at work. Here are ways to make it more fun for employees.

Although some employees may feel averse to a mandatory team-building activity, you can not underestimate its positive effects. Team building is crucial to creating cohesiveness and feelings of connection between employees and departments. When people are more familiar and on comfortable terms with one another, overall work quality and happiness will increase. However, these activities can often be dreary and dull, which may hinder the intended purposes; here are fun team-building activities that employees will actually enjoy.

Team Building

There is no end to the team-building activities you can do; the best part is that they can also serve different purposes. Some team builders are great for encouraging creativity, while others aid in bonding. Regardless, team-building activities work wonders in improving employee engagement and inter-office relations. However, it is important to have exciting, different activities. That way, employees won’t feel team builders are a nuisance but rather a fun break that allows them to get to know each other.

Encourage Creativity

If your team has been struggling to come up with outside-of-the-box ideas, then you might consider a team-building activity that lights a creative spark. As such, try a challenge that prompts employees to think critically and creatively to solve a problem. Some creative games you can do are Pictionary or building a tower out of dry pasta and marshmallows to see who can create the tallest. These activities will have a winning team, so you might want to have prizes to help further entice employees.

Better Bonding

Whether new members are coming in or you have had the same team for a while, there is never a bad time for a bonding opportunity. Bonding activities help employees feel part of their team, making communicating and collaborating easier. A super fun team-building activity for employees that betters bonding is a game of telephone or “show and tell.” Show and tell gives employees an exciting opportunity to share a sentimental or interesting artefact related to themselves. Moreover, a game of telephone is a silly way to make employees laugh while also encouraging connection.

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