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Global Women’s Business Summit by CIMSME

As an International Publication Partner for GWBS-Global Women’s Business Summit – 2020, Womenlines team is so delighted to give a shout out to all women entrepreneurs from across the globe from any country to definitely register for this event!

A flagship initiative by CIMSME/GCPIT with one objective: to promote and support women entrepreneurs in India and across the globe

GWBS will co-create a platform for women leaders in India and globally, to share their success stories and to create a dialogue between countries on topics such as Go Global, Womenomics, Women in Leadership and Inclusiveness & Sustainability.


• Be part of an ever-growing entrepreneurial network in India: CIMSME
• Build international relations and alliance to scale-up your business
• Be part of the first Global Virtual Industry Cluster: NISTTHA
• Listen to success stories, get inspired and be the next women leader to share your story with us.
• Launch of SME Glocal Business Magazine – a ready reckoner for people who desire to set up SME industry in any country across the globe

Register now: http://cimsme.in/event/global-womens-business-summit/

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